How to Relieve a Cat Allergy Without Medication

Have you started to suspect those “flu” symptoms might actually be an allergy? And, even worse, that they are caused by your cat? If so, you’re probably wondering whether your symptoms are permanent…or even if you need to give up your beloved pet.

Don’t panic yet. There are plenty of things you can do to relieve a cat allergy. Most are quick and free, although you might need to spend more time cleaning than usual.

I’ve put together five tips you can start using today. Each focuses on eliminating pet dander, which is the true root of allergic reactions (not hair). So if you’re desperate to relieve your runny nose and tickly cough, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Delegate Litter Duties to Someone Else

When your cat urinates in the litter box, he or she also deposits a large amount of allergens. These can attach themselves to litter and hitch a ride around your home.

For this reason, get someone who isn’t allergic to empty the litter box. Also, try to buy a brand of cat litter that’s less dusty, so fewer allergens escape into the air.  Did you know that cats can have allergies as well?   You may also want to look for cat food for allergies as written by pawsome kitty.

2. Get Rid of Carpets

Sounds drastic, doesn’t it? Carpets are such an integral part of most homes that it’s almost unthinkable to get rid of them. Yet carpets trap over 100 times more allergens than hard floors - and walking on them stirs up allergens into the air.

If you can’t fathom getting rid of all your carpets (and I don’t blame you), at least consider hard floors in your bedroom. This, combined with tip number five, will help you get a better sleep.
Remember, you can always replace carpets with rugs if you hate cold floors, as these are much easier to wash. Steam cleaning your carpets may also remove more allergens, including potentially harmful bacteria.

3. Vacuum Daily with a HEPA Filter

I know, I know…vacuuming is tedious. But if you want to minimize dander, vacuuming daily is essential.

Cats release allergens continuously, and once these are stuck in carpets they can linger for months. Using a powerful pet vacuum on a daily basis, preferably with a motorized power tool, can have a huge effect on your allergy symptoms.

It’s not just your floors that need vacuuming though. Make sure you clean higher areas first, such as shelves and sofas, so that dander falling onto the floor is caught later. Cordless vacuums, which are often lightweight and sometimes have a handheld function, can make this task easier.

A HEPA filter is also vital for people with cat allergies, as it catches dander in the vacuum and stops it being pumped back into the air. Vacuums with poor quality filters are effectively just moving dander around the home!
Bonus Tip: If you’re using a bagless vacuum, never empty it inside. Millions of dust particles escape from a dust canister when you empty it. You don’t want these spread around the house.

4. Use an Air Purifier
I’ve already mentioned vacuums with HEPA filters, but you can also buy air purifiers that use the same technology. These continuously remove pet dander from the air and can quickly reduce allergy symptoms.

As a bonus, air purifiers remove other allergens, such as pollen or dust mites. They can even prevent mould spreading around your home.

5. Designate “Cat-Free” Rooms
One of the lovable characteristics of cats is their independence. Unfortunately, your cat is going to need to be restricted from certain areas of the house, as it’s vital to have rooms that are free from allergens.

Ideally, you should have several rooms that are off-limits to your cat. But, at a minimum, make sure your cat stays out of your bedroom. And, whatever you do, don’t let your cat sleep on your bed.
Your cat won’t be happy, but he’ll forgive you eventually!

A cat allergy doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your pet. By following the tips in this guide, and keeping your house as clean as possible, you can dramatically reduce symptoms.

If you implement these tips and don’t feel any relief, however, you may be suffering from another allergy. Aside from pet dander, two of the most common allergens are dust and pollen. You can read more about relieving these allergies here.


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