More than 50 FREE Dot-to-Dot Easter Printables

There used to be a point in time when my daughter always wanted me to make dot-to-dots for her.  Back then I found a whole bunch of websites to find some free dot-to-dot printables for her.  I wanted to see which kind of Easter dot-to-dots I could find now.  I've weeded through all of the website for you.  I've weeded out websites that have any fees associated with them.  And I've clicked on the printables to see how easy they are to print.  Here are some that I found.

 BusyBee Kids has 8 Easter dot-to-dots to print.  They range from 1 -10 to 1 - 56 dots and include bunnies, chicks, daffodils and baskets.  You need to have Adobe to be able to print them.

HelloKids has several Easter printable dot-to-dots.  There is a slider at the bottom of the page where you can find several.  When you click on the image to print, you have to go through a "sponsor" page first, but it doesn't even last a second. It is a pop-up though, so it's still there after you print. You can just X out.  It's pretty quick.  I tried to print another one to see if the ad would pop up again.  It flashes pretty quickly and I was able to print another one.

BigActivities has several dot-to-dots, although they look like they're the same image for each different class of dot-to-dot.  They have 4 different images ~~  "Baby Chick Hatching", "Easter Basket", "Easter Bunny" and "Easter Egg"   You can print them in either traditional dot-to-dot single numbers 1 - 23, 24 or 25 OR Count by 2's, Count by 2's ~~ Odd numbers, Count by Upper Case Letters or Count by Lower Case Numbers. The website is easy.  You just click on the one you want and there's a blue "Print" button above the printable.  Easy-peasy. has a Christian Easter dot-to-dot printable.  They have other Easter printables as well, but this was the only dot-to-dot I could find.  I couldn't figure out quickly how to search on the site.  There are theme categories listed on the left, but they're grouped together by theme, not style. They do have a tab up top that has a list of items by Activity.

Kidspot has some FREE Easter printables.  It actually took me several seconds to figure out how to print, because there was a "print" button on the printable and I couldn't get that to work.  Then I realized there's a printer icon ABOVE the printable.  Click the printer icon  to print.  They do have several levels of dot-to-dots though, which is interesting.  They don't seem to have a lot of Easter dot-to-dots, but I did see some Easter coloring pages. You can find a complete (huge) list of their printables HERE.

On , they have 5 dot-to-dots that you can print out, including 2 Christian themed Easter dot-to-dots.  You have to click on the image of the dot-to-dot you would like to print, then click the green "Print" button below the image.  Once you hit "Print", you will have to click "Print" again on the top of the page above an ad.  The second time I tried to print, the ad didn't show up. has 6 FREE printable Easter Dot-to-Dot pages.  Easy. Just click the link you would like to print and hit [print this page].

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  1. Lots of good activities to keep the kids busy for Spring Break. Thanks for sharing.


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