Today's Most Efficient Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

Dealing with unwanted hair is one of the beauty concerns of many women these days. The excess hair on one’s face and body usually grows because of too much androgen or could be due to genetic factors. Although it does not cause any harm, it can have an impact on a woman’s self-confidence, especially if it grows in the worst possible places like the chest, bikini line, and upper lip. Because of this, many women include hair removal as part of their skin care regimen.

There are various hair removal methods available and some of them only require some pantry items like honey and turmeric. But apparently you need some DIY and researching skills to do them efficiently. In reality, many women do not really bother with the DIYs and just shave because the latter is cheaper and easier to do. However, many dermatologists do not recommend this method because the hair tends to grow inward once the razor cuts at an angle. So which ones are the most effective when it comes to removing excess hair?

Here are the top hair removal methods to consider:

  1. Sugaring- This ancient hair removal method is similar to waxing but unlike hair waxes, sugaring paste does not contain resins and preservatives. They only contain sugar, water, and lemon juice and sometimes glycerin. It is not painful since it is usually done at a room temperature and is water soluble. It is a safe method to remove hair from follicle without the irritating and traumatizing feel.
  2. Threading-  this common hair removal method in the Middle East and India is now gaining immense popularity in the U.S., Australia, and many European countries. It works best on eyebrows and it is actually less painful than tweezing or waxing. It’s best to see a professional like a salon expert who can offer eyebrow threading services when you are not confident about threading your own brows.  
  3. Laser hair removal - A laser hair removal procedure normally requires an average of six to eight treatments to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. It is effective on all skin colors and types but most recommended on dark brown and black hair. Beware of “more affordable laser treatments” because they might be using Intense Pulse Light (IPL) that is less effective and not recommended on dark skin.
  4. Eflornithine hydrochloride cream- A thin layer of this topical cream should be massaged into the affected area of the face two times a day. This prescription product has been receiving good reviews because it helps slow down hair growth in just two months of twice daily use. The Food and Drug Administration approves this product. However, it can be quite expensive.
  5. Electrolysis - the FDA acknowledges this as a permanent hair removal method. It is very safe since it does not use any harsh chemicals. It was first used a hundred years ago to remove ingrown eyelash hairs. Now it can be used in many areas of the body such as the face, legs, and abdomen.

Regardless of your chosen hair removal method, remember that it is important to cleanse and  exfoliate the skin beforehand. Removing dead skin helps in preventing ingrown hair after your hair starts to grow back.

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