10 Amazing DIY Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Monochromatic Southwestern Summer Decor

I don't know about you, but I have become totally enamored with the current black/white or navy/white simple color scheme that is currently ruling Instagram.  When I was searching for succulent posts the other day, I saw some amazing home decor images with black and white and just pops of green from plants.  I just can't even tell you how on board I am with this style right now.

Don't get me wrong, I love color.  My last house looked like a ChiChi's before we remodeled it and went with the whole Maple Wood/Gray thing that has me bored to tears now.  Let's just say I'm tired of that natural maple finish.  Blech.  I'm currently trying to convince my hubby to add a stainless steel top to our Maple dining room table.  I need a change.  I plan on painting our Maple table on the back porch black and white.  If it would just warm up here, that would be nice.  It's been in the 30s - 50s here this week.  Not exactly painting weather yet.  Hey!  At least the sun has finally been out.  Blue skies are a beautiful thing.

Let me give you an idea of what I'm talking about by sharing these Instagram posts, then I'll share with you some of the blog posts from fellow bloggers that have me totally inspired to decorate this sunroom right now!

1.  Because I am planning on decorating our sunroom, deck, and/or front porch this year, some of these things will be inspired by sunroom or outdoor living.  I love this first one because any woman who can build her own furniture rocks.  She might inspire me to ask my hubby how to use power tools.  Maybe.  I think she's much more of a bada** than me.  Stephanie from Abbotts At Home built this outdoor bench for an Instagram contest and ended up winning 2nd place!  I can see why.
Image from Stephanie at Abbotts at Home . . . . . . . who pretty much rocks her DIY skills   http://abbottsathome.com/2017/04/diy-outdoor-bench-igbuilderschallenge/


2. This Next One is EXACTLY what I wanted to do until my hubby told me "NO, I can find real stainless steel and we can cover it."  Originally I wanted to do it on our table on the back porch, but I'm really thinking for our big table in the dining area.  As I said, I'll probably paint the table on the back porch black and white.    But Sara from Find It, Fix It or Build It is proving with her table that I could have probably done it with the film that's supposed to look like stainless steel and been fine!
Image from Sara at Find It, Fix It or Build It


3. I LOVE that Kristi from "I Should Be Mopping the Floor" repurposed an old painting for this.  I have some canvases that I tried to make a couple years ago that I never could get just right.  I've repainted my canvases before, but maybe I'll have to repaint another one to make a black  & white version of this herringbone.  I love it.  And I think if I did it in a black & white, it would fit right along with that monochromatic Southwest feel I'm going for.
Image from Kristi DIY Herringbone Canvas Art from i should be mopping the floor

4. Since the images that I've seen all have that whole black and white thing going on and have plenty of green from succulents and cacti, this free printable from kreative k would be pretty, darn.  cute.  Katrin is also loving the succulents right now. 
Image from kreative k blog by Katrin.  Be sure you visit her if you'd like to print your own:

5. This next one is EXACTLY what I want to do, but with black and white yarn, of course.  I would rather use yarn than the bigger, heavier macrame cord.  I have 3 places where I'm going to be hanging something.  I haven't decided yet whether it will be candles or plants, but this would work for either.
Image courtesy of   A Cultivated Nest.


6. Because I like eclectic things and I really think I like the idea of blending farmhouse with the new Southwest Monochromatic things, I love the idea of this woven farmhouse bowl from Sadie Seasongoods.  I think it turned out really cute.

7.  Growing up in the 70s & 80s, I love that macrame is back.  I bought a book at a garage sale several years ago and was going to attempt to bring macrame back.  Everyone else is apparently better at getting projects done and has beat me to it!  That's okay.  I'll survive.  Check out this DIY Macrame Wall Hanging.  
Image and project courtesy of CITY FARMHOUSE

8. I love this cactus string art.  My hubby has to have some kind of random wood hanging around back in his barn.  Maybe?  It would make a cute decoration.
DIY Cactus String Art Craft from the from scratch blog


9. Okay. . . . . . . so my hubby will probably never let me paint a design on a wall again after all the things I've done in the past.  .  .  . long before I could ever blog about it. . . . .   but I LOVE how this design turned out at A Beautiful Mess.
Make a Statement Wall with Paint Pens from A Beautiful Mess


10.  Our room is an odd shape, kind of wider than deep.   .    .    .   so why not have some floor pillows thrown around.  I think it sounds like a good idea to have a couple floor pillows and a little painted game table for tic/tac/toe.  Here's an easy tutorial from Erica at Dwell Beautiful.
DIY Floor Pillow from Dwell Beautiful

I guess the look I'm going for is a mix of Southwest Boho, although we live in the Midwest.  Ha!  If I manage to get any projects done, I'll update with images, etc.  

Which is your favorite DIY listed here?

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  1. I'm loving all of the inspiration here, such lovely ideas! Thank you so much for including my printable and have fun decorating your sun room! :)

    1. You're welcome! Thank you. I will and am enjoying decorating the sun room. :) Hope people enjoy your printable. It's so cute!

  2. Terrific ideas! Thanks for including my bench in this post. It's made my day. I've pinned this to my Pinterest board and have it scheduled to pin again next week. Have a great weekend!

    1. You're welcome, Stephanie! I LOVE how your bench turned out. Maybe you'll inspire more women to pick up the power tools. Have a great weekend! Thanks for pinning!


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