10 Cute Cactus Fashion & Home Decor Items that Are Under $20

So, cacti are pretty in.  They're popping up everywhere on all kinds of things.   It's perfect timing for us, because we're headed out west this Summer. I'm sure after being in the desert, I'll be wanting to bring back everything desert-y that we can.   I remember when we were out west for our honeymoon, my hubby brought back this little plastic egg looking thing that had cactus seeds in it.  Neither of us have a green thumb, so I don't think our little baby cacti ever grew.  We're currently working on learning how to  keep plants alive, so maybe this time growing a cactus would work.  If not, though. . . . . there are plenty of fun cactus items on the market!

Here are 10 of the cutest fashion and home design items I found.

1. Okay, for those of you that CAN keep plants alive, you can buy a cacti and succulent assortment for $6.91 + $8.34 shipping on Amazon.  You get 8 little plants in 2" pots.  They've received 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  Sounds like come pretty small and that you might have to replant or add soil to some of them after the shipping process.  But, if you're like me and wouldn't find the time to go to a nursery to buy them, it might be a good way to get some cute little cacti.

2. If you would like to throw a little fun, cactus pillow around for decoration, this $8.99 pillow cover may do the trick.  Price is for the cover only.  You would have to have your own 18x18 insert.  Shipping is free if you have Prime.


3. This tote bag is cute!  Looks like you can get it with or without a zipper on top.  It only has 2 reviews, but both people who reviewed it. liked it.  It's $9.99 and has free shipping.

4. These acrylic wine glasses are super cute and seem a lot better for Summer than traditional GLASS wine glasses.  They do need to be hand-washed so that the design doesn't get ruined, but I still think they're super cute.  They're $18 for a set of 2.

5. This T-shirt is too cute and the Shaka reminds me of being in high school.  A long time ago.  It would be cute with destructed denim shorts this Summer.  The price is all over the place from $11 something up to $40 something from different sellers. Most of them are less than $20, though.  Some of the sellers are new and have no ratings yet, so. . . . . . .    it's still cute.  And Amazon usually stands behind everything and has excellent customer service, so I'd take the chance.  (That's me though & only my opinion for myself.)

6. These are cute tea towels with a message:  "Breathe"  Love it.  Lately, I really need any reminder to breathe.  Menopause.  Blech.  Cute little cactus towels, remind me to breathe!  Note: these are tea towels.  Tea towels are lightweight towels, not thick like dish towels.    I. Love. Them.  They are $16.02 with free shipping if you have Prime.  Set comes with 2. 

7. This next item is a painted fabric wall hanging.  Says "twin size", so I'm wondering if it's a hand-painted sheet.  ???   There's only 1 review, but for only $18.80 and free shipping, it looks like it would make a cute decoration.

 8. If you have jewelry that you'd like to showcase, this simple white cactus jewelry stand is cute. It's $17.47 with free shipping if you're a Prime member.

9. These cactus shorts are cute.  They have 4 1/2 out of 5 stars with 177 reviews.  They're priced around $10 with free Prime shipping.  Very cute for lounging this Summer. 

10. I do not own a Bullet Journal yet.  This cactus one is cute and only $7.99 with free shipping for Prime members.  Too cute.

Which was your favorite Cactus home decor or fashion item?

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