10 Cute Outdoor Chime DIYs to Spruce Up Your Garden and Patio

I love DIYs and there are SO many cute DIYs for Summer.  We can finally all get outside and breathe!  (Unless you know. . . . .you're from the South, and this is the time you go INSIDE!)  There are many cute ways to add character to your yard, porch or patio.  If you'd like to add character and the sweet tinkle of a wind chime, these DIYs will be right up your alley.  I personally love sitting on my porch or deck and feeling the breeze.  I find the sound of wind chimes very calming.
 I think a lot of these would be fun projects to do with the kids, too.  Both of my kids are very scientific minded.  .  .  .  .    I wonder if I could actually challenge them to come up with their own feat of musical engineering to create their own wind chimes with stuff we have in our house???  Until then, check out these DIY Wind Chime Tutorials.

1. I adore these Clay Pot Wind Chimes.  They were on Crafts by Amanda from The Country Chic Cottage.
Image courtesy of The Country Chic Cottage for Crafts by Amanda


2. Here's a video on how to create a glass and wood bead wind chime.

3.  If you want to get all scientific about it, check out the plans for windchimes from Popular Mechanics.  They have everything laid out to the exact inches and hanging point to get musical notes.

4. If you love using modeling clay, this next one is for you.  I love the simplicity of the white as she's made it, or you could paint them to match your decor.  This ones looks like it would be a fun one to do with kids.
Image from Design Sponge
5.  This next post contributed to Skip to My Lou by Marisa from Rae Gun Ramblings is kid-friendly, although smaller kids will need help from an adult.
Image from Skip to My Lou & Rae Gun Ramblings

6. These DIY Spindle Wind Chimes are really cute.  I love the colors that she used.  Looks like she did this as part of a Power Tools challenge using only one tool --  which was a drill.  I wonder if they make wind chime sounds though?  Nevertheless, they are SO cute!
Photo from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer
7. Vintage TeaPot DIY Wind Chimes from Birds & Blooms.
Vintage Teapot DIY Wind Chimes

8.  These DIY wind chimes at Momtastic are kid friendly, although they'll probably need supervision and you would have to make sure there are no sharp edges on the cans.  I know some cans have that smooth edge instead of getting jagged-y when you open it.  Those would probably be better!  

9. I love the idea of repurposing glass spice jars for this.  I sometimes keep mine thinking I'll do something with them, but they inevitably end up in the recycle bin because I have a lot going on and just don't need the extra clutter while I wait for design inspiration.  So, now that I've seen this, maybe I could find a good place to stash my bottles until I have enough to make this pretty windchime.  
Photo from Anika's DIY Life

10.  If you like Boho, this next Anthropologie Hack might be for you.  It's colorful and fun.  
Photo from A Charming Project.

 Which was your favorite DIY Wind Chime project?  Which would you like to try to make?

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