5 Body Toning Workouts That Require a Dip Bar

Dip bar is a piece of gym equipment that helps tone up your upper body strength. It is made up of a U-shaped bar which surrounds the user’s body at the waist. It usually focuses on your triceps and biceps. It can also be used to build the strength of your legs which will depend on how high the dip bar is situated. Here are 5 workouts that will help you tone up your body with dip bars.

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Hand Stand Push-Ups    

This exercise is also called the vertical push up. It is a type of exercise where your body is in an inverted position like a handstand. If you are still new to handstand pushups then do not try it with a dip bar yet. This is only for guys that take superset workouts. This exercise increases the strength of your triceps muscles significantly due to the fact that your arms are holding all your body weight. It will also strengthen your pectoralis muscle, anterior deltoids, and lateral deltoids due to the shoulder motion moving away from the center of the body. This is a much more effective exercise rather than the ordinary push-ups.

Dips Exercises

This is the most basic exercise that requires a dip bar. You can execute this exercise with narrow shoulder-width training that strengthens your triceps and pectoralis muscles. You can also do the wide arm training which places additional emphasis on the pectoral muscles. From the name itself, all you have to do is hang on the dip bar with both your arms supporting your body weight and you just dip your body again and again. This is the easiest and most fundamental way to utilize a dip bar. You can also do 180 dips where you twist your body and releasing your arms in 180 degrees after pushing yourself up.

Modified Push-Ups

Push-ups are an effective exercise to keep those bicep and tricep muscles in check. Unlike the handstand push ups, which can be very difficult to newbies, you can switch up the normal push-ups and add a little challenge with the use of a dip bar. It is also doable because it gives less weight to your upper body. Clap push ups can also be performed with a dip bar as well. You can also try the one arm push up if you think you can handle the exercise using one arm. Doing modified push-ups can make your workout fun and interesting as well.

L-sit Walks

This exercise may look fun but it is not for the newbies. Basically, you have to hang on the Dip bar and position your body in an L-shape with your legs pointing forward. Then you try to walk the dip bar with the use of your arms. This exercise is never easy but the rewards are outstanding. It will give you a strong core and enforce your arm strength. It will also tone up your back muscles and shoulders as well.

Modified Pull-Ups

Pull-up exercises strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscles. By performing pull-ups with a dip bar it will strengthen your back, shoulders, and arms. There is no other exercise that will make your upper body grow like pull-ups can. You can mix it up by doing the truck back lever pull up which is for the professionals rather than the normal pull ups.

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