Budget Friendly Online Educational Website for Young Kids

One of our favorite Online Educational websites for kids when my kids were younger was ABCMouse.com.  I know I've been posting about it a lot this week, but I seriously don't want you to miss this sale!!!  You can get an entire year of ABCMouse.com for only $45 right now during their Memorial Day Sale (May 24th - May 29th).  That price is 50% off.

Plus, you can have up to 3 kids registered to your account.  I broke the cost down in another post and it came out to around 4.2¢ per child per day if you have 3 kids on the account.  Even if you only have one kid, it's around 12¢ per day.  That is an amazing price to keep kids busy ( I mean help kids learn) for a year!

If you don't believe that my kids used ABCMouse.com,
check out this "ADD Cleaning" post from January 2011.   Funny thing is, that although I remember writing that post, I didn't remember my daughter playing on ABCMouse.com THAT day until I re-read the post!  If you're a mom or grandma or even if you're a dad, you'll get a giggle out of the post.  Make sure you read it to find out how my daughter tried to keep her brother from going to another website.  Ahhhh, memories!  Haha. Now the kids have their own laptops and argue about entirely different things.

If your kids are still toddlers and preschoolers, believe me when I say you will miss these times.  I know it seems like the days are long and I know that some days you just want to pull your hair out or go hide somewhere.  I've been there.  And I miss it.  Okay, I don't miss the craziness, but I miss the innocence of it all.  I miss being able to hold them in my lap and go to websites like ABCMouse.com.
Although they can be pretty independent on it, it is fun sometimes to sit with them while they're on the website, too.  Apparently, they now also have an app for devices.  So, each one of your kids can be logged onto their account at the same time as long as you have multiple devices.

If you're looking for a fun way for your kids to learn at home, check out the sale.  You can't beat 50% off, but it the sale only lasts 5 days.  So HURRY!

If you're unsure whether or not you want to pay $45 up front, but would like to try out the website, you can try one month free.

ABCMouse.com is an affiliate partner. If you shop through the links above, we will make a commission.  My son's teeth thank you~~haha!~~we have to pay for braces.  If you ever purchase through our affiliate links, the price is the same for you as if you were going directly to the website. Thank you for helping to support our blog & family.  😁  We are absolute believers in ABCMouse.com since we used the website ourselves.

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