Denim Dresses with Primrose & Turquoise Accessories ~ Desert Inspired

You might say I'm a little obsessed with everything desert right now.  It must be because we'll be making our way out west this Summer.  I'm so excited to finally take the kids to the Southwest.  My hubby and I were out there for our honeymoon.  We didn't get to spend a lot of time, but the time we spent was fun.

In this set, turquoise just seemed to fit naturally.  I love the way it plays with Primrose Yellow.  (They play so nicely together. . . unlike my kids.)  I've always loved turquoise. . . . . . even though my hubby is not a big fan.  This is one battle he doesn't get to win. Turquoise for the win!!!  Ha!

Aaaaaaaand. . . . . I love denim.  I know if you've been around here before, you've heard me say it.  In or out of style, I don't care.  I. LOVE. Denim.  I love denim so much I did a presentation on denim in my Socio-Psychological Aspects of Clothing Class when I was in college.  Seriously.

This set came about because I bought these yellow moccasins on amazon yesterday and then I began to think. . . . WHAT in the world am I going to wear with these things?  Oh man.  I thought maybe a pair of short skinny jeans.  I ended up pairing them with a couple denim dresses I found.  I love every item in this set.  Some of them are out of my price range, as usual.  I checked out what I could find on amazon to show you guys below the pic.  Hope you enjoy!

I've actually been looking at this necklace for a while.  I might as well go ahead and order it.  I wanted a turquoise necklace to wear during our vow renewal and I think I like this one the best so far.  Plus, it's only $9.99.  Sweeeet!

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