How to Pull Off Primrose Yellow if Yellow is NOT Your Color

I have been having this feeling lately like I just need something yellow.  Something bright and fun.  I don't feel like I could pull off bright yellow right next to my face, though.  Primrose Yellow happens to be one of Pantone's 2017 Spring colors, so there are some fun yellow items out there right now.  And the good thing is, the items aren't just dresses and tops!  There are shoes and bags and bracelets and sunglasses, even. . . . although I didn't add any of those to this set.

For some reason, I really want a pair of yellow shoes.  Maybe I'm channeling my inner Minnie Mouse.  . . . . who knows!

The thing is, anyone can wear yellow next to their face if they choose the right color of yellow.  You might not be able to wear the bright, warm Primrose Yellow right next to your face, but you could wear a nice, pale yellow.  That's why there is 1. . . . count it. . . just 1 shirt in this set.

If you want the punch of the bright yellow, but like me, can't wear it in your top, you can find lots of fun yellow accessories right now.

I've put together this Polyvore set to show some of the fun shoes, bags and accessories that you can wear or carry to get your Primrose fix!  I really, really love the string wrapped bead earrings.

Here are some other cute Primrose Yellow inspired things I've found on Amazon.  They are affiliate links.  If you shop through the links, I'll make a small commission, but your price would always be the same.  I ACTUALLY JUST ORDERED THE MOCCASINS! I'LL SHOW YOU GUYS VIA INSTAGRAM WHEN I GET THEM!!!  Can't wait!  Got my yellow shoes.  😄   I'm really diggin' all these other items too, especially the cut-out purse and the leather bracelet!  And the Maryjanes are pretty cute, too.

If you click on the images, you will be taken to If you shop through the images, I will receive a small commission.

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