Loving the Succulent Trend? 10 Cute Ideas for Succulents from Instagram

We are renewing our vows in Las Vegas this Summer and I thought it would be cute to have a succulent bouquet for me and succulent boutonnieres for the boys.  Since cactuses (I'm sorry. I just can not say cacti. Oh looky there!  I just did.) and succulents are SO in right now, I figured it would be a good time. As a result I've become more interested in maybe doing some little succulent projects around the house as well.  Succulents seem to be pretty easy to take care of.  Historically, I have a brown thumb.  I don't usually do very well keeping plants alive, although I do have about 8 plants that I've managed to keep alive since January.  Perhaps I could keep succulents alive a little longer?

I'm sure you've seen a lot of succulents and cactus(es) all over the place.  I wanted to see some of the cute things on Instagram and share them though.

Here, for your dose of inspiration, are 10 of my favorite succulent posts on Instagram.

1. This "LOVE" that @succulentsource shared from @succulentcity

A post shared by The Succulent Source (@succulentsource) on

2. These CUTE Little flower pots with faces and lashes.

A post shared by mekela Swing (@lashhausla) on

3. I love the idea of a hanging pot with leather tassels!  I'm going to have 3 spots in my sunroom where I'm going to need to hang something.  I was thinking lanterns, but hanging succulent pots might be cute too.

A post shared by Jenna Ritter (@jennjennr) on

4. Succulents in driftwood.

5.  This gorgeous garden chair posted by @sexysucculents_   via @queenofsucculents

6. Okay, first of all. . . . . I'm dying for the long farm table in this one.  Second, simplicity is best sometimes.  She repurposed an old chicken feeder.

7. Love the colors in this succulent dish garden.

8. I love love.  Why would I NOT love this Wooden Heart vertical planter.

A post shared by Estuardo Cobos (@the_nature_of_wood) on

9. A place for succulents built into the table.  Brilliant!

10.  A serving tray full of little coffee and tea cups full of succulents. Too cute.

Which was your favorite creative succulent display?

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