Simple Rainy Day Paper Crafting Ideas for Bored Kids

School holidays and rainy days are a nightmare for parents. There is only so much TV kids want to watch, so eventually, they will be bored out of their minds. If the weather is sunny, a trip outdoors is a good idea, if only for your sanity, but when it’s raining outdoors, you need to get creative.

Arts and crafts are a great activity for bored kids. You can do so many things with a few sheets of paper and a glue stick. At first glance, the thought of making a huge mess is off-putting, but as long as you protect surfaces, it should be easy to clear up afterwards.

You don’t need to be artistically gifted to have fun with arts and crafts. Kids love to get stuck in, but it's also good fun for adults!

Here are some fun ideas for an afternoon of paper crafting. All you need is colored paper, glue, scissors, paint, glitter, and bits of fabric. Oh yes, and some imagination!

Greetings Cards

Making greetings cards is a fun craft activity around Christmas and Easter time, but you can make cards at any time of the year. For older kids, Adobe offers a great free online card maker tool, but younger kids will enjoy making cards the old-fashioned way.

Use colored card as a base and encourage the kids to decorate their cards with paint, paper cutouts, dried flowers, glitter, and anything else you have available. Make themed cards for special occasions, such as Easter bunnies or snowmen. If your drawing skills are non-existent, print out some images from the internet and use them as a guideline for your creations.

Animal Masks

Animal masks are easy to make. Cut out simple animal shapes and then add holes for the eyes and nose. Use tissue paper and paint to decorate the masks to suit the animal shape. When the creations are dry, fix a piece of elastic, so your child can wear their mask.
Image courtesy of East Coast Mommy Blog

If making animal masks doesn’t appeal, try a different theme, such as a ballerina mask or a harlequin mask, or if it is close to Halloween, scary monster masks! Use sequins and glitter to create extra sparkle.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a good choice for Chinese New Year, Halloween, or Christmas. Again, they are very easy to make – all you need are some sheets of colored paper and glue or sticky tape. Look for online tutorials and experiment with your designs.

Dolly Chains

Younger children will have great fun decorating doll chains. Fold a piece of paper multiple times and cut out a simple doll shape. Unfold the paper to reveal a chain of dolls. Decorate using paint, fabric, wool, and anything else you have available.

Paper Balloons

Inflate a balloon and use colored tissue paper and glue to decorate the balloon in multiple layers. Once the paper has dried and is hard, paint it.

This is just a small selection of paper-based crafting activities. There are hundreds more you can try!

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