The Most Popular Types of Sewing Machines in 2017

The Most Popular Types of Sewing Machines in 2017

Modern sewing machines come with features that put ease into sewing. The variety of choices available in today’s market, however, can be overwhelming to make a definite choice. For beginners, occasional sewers, and even professionals, finding the right sewing machine to do the job is very important. And while individual tastes and preferences vary, there are sewing machine makes and models that suit the preference of many while some just don’t make the cut. Popular sites like provide tips on how to find the right sewing machine for you.
There are various factors that make a certain sewing machine brand and model ideal for people across different sewing skill levels. Finding the best sewing machines means looking into the design, accessories, support options, prices, and extra features. As stated, there are a lot of options on the market, but only a few make it to the likes of many. Below are the most popular sewing machines in 2017.
1. Singer Quantum Stylist
For the price that is slightly higher than other options, the Singer Quantum Stylist gives great value for your money through modern features that ensure ease of use. It has a large color touchscreen that boasts of audible and visual messaging for perfect sewing assistance. This makes it a good fit for beginners who want to improve their sewing. It also has a presser foot sensor, with 13 different presser feet, that help in the reduction of thread bunching for smoother stitching. The Quantum Stylist also features a simple top-loading bobbin system for easy use.
2. Brother XM2701
For a very low price, this very simple sewing machine makes the cut for many people. The XM2701 is very easy to use, value-packed, and highly versatile which makes it perfect for a wide array of sewing projects. It boasts of 27 unique built-in stitch features, 6 included quick-change sewing feet, jam resistant top drop-in bobbin, and a LED-lit work area.
3. Brother SE400
Named as one of Amazon’s best sellers the Brother SE400 has impressed many professionals in terms of performance. The SE400 is a combination computerized sewing and 4x4 embroidery machine with 67 built-in stitches, 7 built-in designs, and 5 lettering fonts. Even beginners are sure to be delighted. Features include touch screen LCD display and one-touch automatic thread cutter, among other basic and advanced functions.
4. Michley LSS-505 Lil' Sew & Sew
This very affordable multi-purpose sewing machine is also one of Amazon’s best sellers. Perfect for beginners and occasional sewers who want a machine to be easy to use with a very simple design. It has 8 built-in stitch patterns with automatic thread rewind. The simple 2-speed setting is enough for simple and fun projects. It also comes with a LED sewing light.
5. Brother Project Runway PC420PRW
This professional grade sewing machine garners remarkable reviews on Amazon and on various sites because of its impressive performance. The Brother Project Runway PC420PRW is a 294 stitch computerized machine perfect for couture-level quality stitching. It makes 850 stitches per minute with easy-to-use LED display and dual LED workspace lighting system.

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