Tips for Working From Home as a Dog Groomer

Whether you are a stay at home mom or are just plain tired of corporate America, you may be looking to satisfy your entrepreneurial urge, and what better way than to start a home based business with something you enjoy doing? There are millions of dog lovers out there and few of them actually have the time, energy or the skills to groom their dogs by themselves. As a result, dog groomers who love dogs and work well with them, perhaps even have an affinity for them, are perfect candidates for a home based dog grooming business. If you are entertaining the idea of starting your own grooming business from your home, here are a few tips that might help you get your business off to a great start.

Step One: Check State Licensing Laws and Local Ordinances

Before you get your heart set on opening a dog grooming business to be operated from your home, check local ordinances to see what your property is zoned for. You will also need to inquire with your state about what business licenses you may need. County or city laws may require an occupational license, so check these all out as your first preliminary step.

Step Two: Set Aside an Area Strictly for Grooming

Once you have all the legalities in place, it’s time to organize where you will work. Sinks and plumbing may need to be installed and you’ll need at least a few crates in the beginning. As your work grows you can add crates, kennels and walking yards, but in the beginning, remember that some dogs just don’t play nice with other fur babies so they will need to be crated while in your care waiting their turn.

Step Three: Business Insurance You Will Need

There are various types of insurance you will be required by law to carry such as liability insurance. What if one of your clients bites someone walking in your door? Just because you get along well with all doggies doesn’t mean that everyone does! Be aware that you can quickly lose your proverbial shirt if just one bite incidence of any great significance should occur.

Step Four: Organizing Your Business – Front and Back End

Unless you have ever been a manager or director of a business, it might all be Greek to you. It is suggested that you invest in some top-of-the-line, industry specific dog grooming software that will help you do everything from manage client records to keeping track of your appointment calendar and everything in between. You will at this time also want to advertise to some extent. This is a vital part of organizing your business because marketing is what will bring those clients wagging their way in your door.

Step Five: Open Your Doors – You Are in Business!

The day is finally here! You are ready to open your doors for business. It may be slow at first but with a bit of extra advertising and a great deal of word of mouth referrals, you’ll soon be booked from morning to night. It isn’t every day that a dog groomer comes along that gets on well with dogs of all sizes and all breeds.

Enjoy your home based business working with the fur babies you love so much. What a way to earn a living! The one piece of advice that mentors always give entrepreneurs is to always do what they love so that they are willing to stick it out through those rough patches that are sure to come. Is there anything you enjoy more than dogs? If not, this really is the business for you.

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