DIY Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Believe it or not, your jewelries are also prone to natural elements with everyday wear and tear. So, to keep your precious engagement ring sparkling, it is best to keep them in tip-top shape. Buying expensive cleaners are not just excessive, but sometimes they do not have the same effect as they advertise.

Going to professionals can also be pricey and sometimes they use the same store bought materials to clean your jewelry. Using some common household materials available in your pantry can be as effective as cleaning your prized possessions with expensive solutions.

You don’t have to buy expensive cleaners to clean your jewelry. Certain household products have been used for ages to clean trinkets and adornments. They are effective because they interact with the chemical composition of stains and gives your jewelry a sparkle reminiscent to the day they were created.

Common Household Materials You Can Use
There are a lot of common household chemicals that can effectively clean your wedding rings, or gold necklace. They are also much better natural alternatives than chemically manufactured cleaners that can affect the quality of your jewelry. Here are some common household substances used:

A combination of warm water and ammonia effectively cleans diamonds. Soaking them for a couple of minutes can make your diamond sparkle like new. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub deep seated particles can be a good way to reach crevices and attachments covering the diamond.

White Vinegar
White vinegar has a chemical composition that is effective in cleaning gold and other gems. Soaking your gold jewelry in white vinegar will remove stains and make it sparkle like new again.  Brushing it gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush will remove grime and other hard particles that has accumulated.

Aluminum Foil
Silver jewelries can be cleaned by using aluminum foil sprinkled with baking soda and poured with hot water. Stirring the crumpled aluminum foil will allow the silverware to come in contact with the aluminum material removing tarnishes and making them shine.

How to Effectively Clean Your Jewelry at Home
Cleaning your jewelry doesn't have to be so hard. Once you have prepared solutions to immerse your prized possession, the following steps ensure that your jewelry sparkles better.

1.       Rub and buff your jewelry with a soft cloth.  Buffing your jewelry with a soft cloth ensures that it shines better. Do not use rough materials as it may grate against the jewelry causing permanent abrasion or damage. Using a soft and lint-free paper towel normally works to remove hard stains.
2.       Prevent jewelry from tarnishing. Oxidation is a common occurrence with most jewelry made of metal because of the combination of bodily acid and air that they are commonly in contact with. To prevent rapid oxidation, constantly cleaning them can ensure their quality and protect them from having too much chemical deterioration.

Put them in individual compartments. The most common mistake of people is putting their jewelry in a single compartment where everything brushes against each other. Bumping with each other causes abrasion in some jewelry which can be hard to fix. If you own several gold necklaces or several rings, organizing them in individual compartments can ensure it's quality.

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