Easy Bathroom Upgrades Worth Trying

A nice bathroom is important to many homeowners, however, there’s no denying that many people have trouble getting their bathroom to look the way they desire. A full remodel isn’t always in the budget, and they may not know where to start.

You’ll be glad to know there are small steps to take that’ll have your bathroom looking better than ever. It doesn’t take a lot of skill, but determination and knowledge. Come up with a short list of updates you want to make and start tackling them one at a time.  Check out these easy bathroom upgrades worth trying.


It’s as simple as replacing your old towels. Go shopping and pick out a brand new color for your bath. Make sure they’re plush and comfortable. Select a few hand towels, including fancier ones for special times of the year or important guests. Display your towels on a shelf or keep them in a cabinet. New towels are a small change that’ll make you feel better about your bathroom and how it looks.


Assess the vanity and decide what you want to change. It’s possible you only want to exchange the countertop and faucet. If this is the case, then grab some paint and makeover the cabinets with one of your favorite colors. It’s a quick project that’s easily done over a weekend. If you don’t care for the entire unit, then this is the time to replace it and select a more stylish vanity. Replacing your vanity and hardware will transform your bathroom and give it the facelift you’re looking to achieve. 

Accessories & D├ęcor

Go shopping for a new soap dispenser and decorate your bathroom with more modern touches. This includes paying attention to your walls. Hang Posters or pictures that catch the eye and make a statement. Consider decorating with a theme to help you decide what to include in your overall design. You’ll be happy with the turnout if you keep it simple and clutter free.


Lighting is extremely important in the bathroom. You need options, and they have to be good ones. For example, consider overhead lighting and adding sconces to the sides of the mirror. Try to have lights coming from multiple angles and have some on a dimmer switch, if possible. Recessed lighting is ideal for around showers to avoid rust. Pick out fancy and embellished light fixtures that compliment your space. You won’t regret knowing you have different lighting choices depending on the time of day.


Slap on a fresh coat of paint and enjoy the newness feeling that comes with it. Research colors that are popular for your style and theme. Consider painting the ceiling a different color if you’re feeling adventurous. New bathroom paint will transform the room from drab to spectacular. When it’s all put together your bathroom will look brand new.


You don’t need to go through a full remodel to improve your bathroom. There are updates you can start making today. These are easy bathroom upgrades worth trying. 

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