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We will hopefully be doing some more camping over the Summer now that we have our pop-up camper.  We've made two trips so far this Summer.

This picture was our very first camping trip last Summer.  It was our first pop-up.  We got a larger one after that trip because the kids had to climb over the table to get to their bed!  The larger one is nice with a little more room.  It takes a lot more work than just taking a tent and pitching it, but it's worth it to sleep off the ground!  Unfortunately, mice got into the camper over the Winter.  We've got it mainly cleaned up now & we ordered a new canvas.  Who knows when THAT will be here though. For now we're making do with the hole-y one.

This trip pictured below was our "maiden voyage" and it was our test to see what we would need, what we would do differently, etc.  Even though we have our camping strategy pretty down now, the lists below could still help us improve our trips!

I know that a lot of YOU guys camp, so I would love it if you add to any lists that I've found online.   Hopefully we'll be able to make some more trips at the end of the Summer.

Since we don't need the tent, sleeping bags, etc. a lot of the first part of some of these lists are irrelevant to us.  These websites still have a lot of good suggestions though.

Some of the lists, I looked at and went, "Duh!!!"  I totally would have forgotten that. . . . . . like a first aid kit~~the first time we went camping~~now we definitely have some stuff packed.  Guess we really do need to restock our Bandaids (or whatever brand) soon!   Batteries.  Hello????  I would have remembered the flashlight, but forgotten extra batteries.  We've forgotten extra batteries before.

We have one large cooler that we keep supplies and stuff in.  We have dedicated pots and pans and cooking utensils.  Then we keep disinfecting wipes, sanitizing wipes, paper towels, extra toilet paper, paper plates, sunblock, bug spray, bottle opener, can opener, koozies, etc in the cooler so it's all ready to go the next time.  We add stuff to to our list each time we go, depending on what we feel we could have used.  We are currently looking for a larger cast iron skillet!  After the first time we added a picnic tent to the things we take.  I can't remember the other things that have been added along the way. . .

And when you don't have a fire ring with a grate OR a grill, this is how you cook!  My hubby had to make a fire to make coals and we placed the skillets right on top of the coals.

We've already listed the Top 5 Items to bring when camping with Friends, but the lists below are extremely helpful and a lot more comprehensive.

The website actually has tips for camping with kids, too.

You can find lists at these websites:

REI Co-op Camping Checklist

Love the Outdoors Camping Checklist

REAL Simple Camping Packing Checklist (printable) 

Inspired The Ultimate Camping Checklist Camping Checklist

The Ultimate Camping Guide:Checklists and Essential Tips for Campers

Check out these 25 camping recipes from Country Living Magazine.  I got some good ideas from this list!

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