Guilt-Free Ways to Spoil Your Dog

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Dogs really are our best friends, and with around 45 percent of American households counting a dog as part of the family, that’s a whole lot of loving friendships going on. Canine cuties are smart enough to do all kinds of things - from guiding the partially sighted, to rescuing people stuck on mountains, but despite their abilities, few can resist begging for, or accepting, food treats. As a result, too many dogs are now suffering with health issues and dental problems due to being overweight or simply having a bad diet.

It’s pretty hard to resist slipping your pet scraps from the dinner table, or sharing a snack as they fix those pleading eyes on your chips or cake. If you find yourself giving in to the need to spoil and indulge your dog, despite that nagging voice in your head that tells you it’s not really a good thing to do, the best solution is to have alternative treats at hand.

It may take a little while for your pet dog to get used to different kinds of treats, or to associate chosen words or phrases with them, but investing some time in teaching this will really pay off in the long term.

Take a look at these easy ways to spoil or treat your pet dog without damaging their health.

A Special Place

Most dogs love food, but attention is usually just as welcome. If you know of a place your dog visits sometimes, and really enjoys, make sure on every visit you use a short, easy to remember word to create an association between that place and the keyword for the pet to utilize for recall. Most pets can pick this up very quickly, and when the codeword is used in the future their excitement level is a sight to see!

A New Toy

Rather like children, dogs never tire of getting new things to play with. Some dogs like squeaky toys, (which are great if you can stand the noise they make and it won’t be destroyed and become a choke hazard), others prefer a tug of war pull toy, or something cuddly to snuggle with. Find a source of affordable toys, or make your own for an inexpensive treat. Or, if there isn’t space for more, try keeping a special toy hidden to be brought out for a reward, as and when you think it is needed.

Tasty Snacks

Everyday healthy food like cold, cooked sweet potato and carrots aren’t typical doggie treats, but most do seem to love them – and you can’t deny the vitamin punch they deliver. Keep a few packs of healthy treats for dogs in the pantry to use when training, as a reward for good behavior, or as a treat to enjoy when the family are tucking into pizza or fried chicken.  The best dog treats are free from additives and fillers, so they are both delicious and healthy.

With these exciting, guilt free ideas you can spoil your lovely fur child as often as you like, so don’t hold back!

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