Kids' NIV Visual Study Bible Review

I was trying to read the Bible all the way through this year.  I even had a planner that gave me which passages to read each day.  I was doing so well for a while.  Then it happened.  I missed one day, and then two and then. . . . . you know how it happens.  I need to begin reading the Bible again.  I would love it even more if my kids would start reading the Bible.  I'll tell you, I feel so much better when reading the Bible is part of my daily habits.  It makes my life better.  It makes me a better person.  Although my kids might not get as much out of it as I do, I would still like for them to read it.

A couple months ago, I mentioned something about reading the Bible to my daughter. She told me it was "too hard" to read the Bible.  I know what she means!  I mean I'm sure we've all hit spots in the Bible that were just too hard to read or too hard to comprehend.  I've got to tell you, I think that's what my issue was when I fell out of my habit last time.  I was going through some pretty harsh perimenopause hormones and trying to read Chronicles was making my blood pressure rise.  I wanted to keep doing it in the given order, though! Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Knowing how my daughter felt about reading the Bible, I JUMPED at the chance to review this Kids' NIV Visual Study Bible.

**We received this Bible for free from Zondervan and Handlebar publishing in order to review it.  All opinions are 100% ours.**

The Bible we received is a hard cover book, which of course makes it more durable for tweens and teens.  It begins with a Table of Contents, but it also has an alphabetical list of the books of the Bible on the next page.  That makes it easier to find the book and the page number if you need to search for a specific book of the Bible.

Each book of the Bible has a colorful heading and gives this information:

  • Who wrote this book?
  • Why was this book written?
  • What do we learn about God in this book?
  • Who are the key people in this book?
  • Where did this happen?
  • What are some of the stories in this book?  It gives the stories and then which Bible verse they are in.

In the sides of each page, there are notes such as:
"1:5 (Genesis) 
Creation took six days.
Each day could have been 24 hours, 
just like we understand a day to be--
or the word day could have represented
a very long period of time."

I loved reading the notes in the sides.  It answered questions I wouldn't have even thought to ask OR answered questions that I might have had myself.  

There are lots of images, maps and infographics in the Kids' NIV Visual Study Bible.  For example, there is an infographic for how long Noah actually spent on the Ark, the Age of Early Ancestors, Jewish Festivals, Gifts for the Tabernacle, Instructions for Crossing the Jordan, Characters in 1 and 2 Samuel Who Change Their Allegiances, and many, many more throughout the Bible.  

Where possible, there are also images of artifacts or pictures from museums that would help enlighten about things that happened during that time of the Bible. 

I know this Bible is meant for kids, but it actually makes ME excited to start reading the Bible again. It has so much information and the pictures are both colorful and helpful.

I think this would be a good Bible for pre-teens and teens, and me.  😊

You can find it at amazon,  Barnes & Noble online or for around $21 - $22 or through or (although theirs is more expensive)  Shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime and order through Amazon. 

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