Project 333 Days 1 - 7 #project333 #minimalism

It's been 7 full days since I began Project333 now.  I'm currently on day 8.  I've already had some switch out of things that I decided wouldn't work.  The peach and gold necklace and gold stud earrings, which I still hadn't even bought anyway, are now gone out of the rotation.  And a black bead necklace and earrings got pulled in.

Although having only so many clothes to choose from should be making my life easier, I think I'm going to be bored pretty quickly.  I'm already feeling the boredom set in and we're only on day 8. Hmmmphh!

Here is how the first 7 days went:

Day 1:

Day 2:
Day 3:

Day 4: Never made it out of my cleaning clothes. . .

 Day 5:  I actually ended up taking the sleeveless shirt off and not wearing it.  Didn't need it.  I was just playing around.
Day 6:
Day 7:

You can check out Days 8 - 14 HERE.

Have you ever tried this challenge or any other clothing or closet minimalism challenge?

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