#Project333 A Trial in Fashion/Closet Minimalism

I ended up watching the Documentary Minimalism last week and one thing caught me:  Project 333.
I like a good challenge every now and then.  I go through phases when I try to minimize and then I go back through my "collecting" or buying phases.  It's like a constant back and forth with me.  I guess I'm just not mentally ready to be full on minimalist.  What attracts me to that lifestyle though, is the reduction in stress.  Less stuff = less stress.  Wouldn't we all like a little less stress?

Although I'm not ready to commit to that full-on minimalist lifestyle OR get rid of most of my clothes, I like the idea of trying to use a smaller wardrobe over the Summer to make life easier. Instead of standing in front of shelves of clothes, I only have so many to choose from.  That. Sounds. Easier.

The rules of Project 333 are that you can choose only 33 items to wear for 3 months.
 That includes bags, accessories, shoes, hats, sunglasses and the clothes you will wear.  It does NOT include underwear, workout wear, outerwear and pajamas.  Thank goodness.  I truthfully had a hard enough time trying to choose 33 items without having to include those things.

You can NOT wear your pajamas or workout clothes for any other reason than working out or sleeping.  You should pack all of your other clothes away in boxes that are taped up.  I put most of mine away in bins, except for the clothes that I've decided to give away.  I also ran out of bins, so I had to hang a curtain over the shelves so that I can't "see" the other clothes.

I ended up with the clothes I'll list below.  I actually made some last minute substitutions.  I'm going to try it. The only time I will cheat (hopefully) is with the clothes I'm wearing for our vow renewal and the shirts we have to wear for our family pictures back home.  It will be an awkward time going into September because it gets cool here by then.

BTW, by the time of  this writing, I'm currently on Day 4.

I chose:

1 pair of black tennis shoes
1 pair of black and sandals
1 pair of brown leather flip flops

1 sleeveless dark chambray button up
1 sleeveless white button up
1 sleeveless beige button up
1 short sleeve denim button up

1 gray tank top (the white one didn't make the final cut!)

1 printed tshirt

1 khaki lightweight blazer
1 hooded zip up white sweater

2 pairs of denim shorts

1 pair of fringed jeans that I made last year

1 pair of Levi jeans

1 khaki skirt

1 strapless black "lace" dress

1 black knit dress
1 black and white polka dot 3/4 sleeve dress

1 colorful sleeveless knit tunic

1 black and white polka dot 3/4 sleeve dress
1 sleeveless printed dress

1 strapless black/pink/orange dress / skirt
1 pink tank top

1 cowboy hat
1 billed hat

1 wood bead necklace
1 peach colored necklace

1 pair of gold stud earrings (not shown)
1 pair of white and silver dangle earrings

1 khaki fabric belt
1 red scarf

1 pair of aviator sunglasses
1 black denim purse

I'm missing one from this list and can't figure out what it is!  Ha.  Well, maybe it will come up in the rotation in one of my pictures on Instagram. Here are the first 3 days on Instagram.

Do you think you'd be able to do this minimalist clothing challenge or have you already done one like this?

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