School's Out, Mice Stink, Soccer is Done, Tumbling is Cool. . . .

All the parents in the sphere, can I get an "Amen"???  School is finally out here.  That brings with it the promise of Summer vacations and the end to the daily grind of getting up early and making breakfasts and lunches.  Pretty much, the kids are on their own now.  .  .  .   Ha!  This post is going to be completely random because that's how things have been happening in life right now.

We have been so stinkin' busy here.  I don't mind the busy-ness sometimes, but it has left me with less time to blog.  I have like a million and one things that I'm working on, but the projects themselves are taking up all of my time.  As soon as I finish one project, I move on to another.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you might have seen the table that I refinished for our sun room.  I LOVE the way it turned out and hopefully I will eventually have the time to make a post about it on here.

I have been working on several projects for the sun room, because as I've said before. . . . . . it's time for the sun room to be a sun room, as in NOT a utilitarian storage room.  I mean, what a waste of a huge room of windows if we can't sit in it and enjoy it.

I was all ready to keep working on some projects this week and then we had a little bump in the road. . . . .

Let me start by saying though that Travel Soccer is done for the year.

That makes me both happy and sad at the same time.  (See, I told you this post was going to be random.  Just follow me here for a bit though.)  The week after Memorial Day we had the kids' soccer tryouts for next year.  Hopefully we'll find out the results of that soon.  Unfortunately, the kids won't have the same exact teams as this past year.  That stinks, because after sitting on the sidelines for 2 whole seasons, plus a Winter indoor season for one of the kids and three tournaments for the other kid, you get kind of used to the kids on the team and the parents of those kids.  We had a pretty good group of kids and parents for both of my kids' teams this year.  Hopefully next year's group will be just as good.

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Now. to that "bump in the road" that we had.  We are planning on going camping this weekend.  After we got back from our (separate) final soccer games this past Sunday, my hubby started popping up our pop up camper and found some unsettling things.  Mice had gotten into our camper and nested in it over the Winter.  They chewed holes all over the canvas and screens.  One died in there, so there was a whole new level of grossness that that brought.  There was poop in almost every cabinet and every nook and cranny.  So, you know there has to be unseen pee everywhere too.  There was even poop on the pullout canvas ceilings that go over the bed ends.  Gross, gross, gross.

Needless to say, I haven't gotten any of my other projects done this week.  I've basically been decontaminating and disinfecting the whole camper.  My hubby cleaned a lot of it out, including the dead mouse on Sunday.  I got in there on Monday and started the poop cleanup.

I began my cleanup by reading online about HOW to clean up rodent areas.  Don't ever do that.  That will scare the bejeezus out of you.  The CDC has guidelines on how to clean up areas where there have been mouse infestations.  Their post is not as scary as some of the other ones online~~ one post actually said to just burn it to the ground.  Hantavirus is a real thing and it's scary, but after trying to find as much info as I could, it looks like there haven't been any cases recorded in our state.  So, at least that is good.  After all of the reading and everything else, here are some of the things that I learned:

You should NEVER vacuum or sweep rodent droppings.  The viruses can become airborne and then you breathe them in.  Good to know.  Pretty sure I've vacuumed them in my house before.  You should wet the areas down with a disinfectant and wait at least 5 minutes to wipe them up with a disposable cloth or paper towel.  Then the cleaning cloths need to be put in a a bag an sealed up and then put into another bag and sealed again.  Then the double bagged cloths need to either be buried 2 - 3 feet deep OR put into a garbage can with a lid.  Geeeezzzz!!!

I wasn't sure what to do about the canvas on the sides and over the beds, so I ended up spraying them and wetting them pretty well with Lysol.  I just plan on re-waterproofing it once the darn waterproofer gets here.  Why darn???  I spent the extra $17 on shipping to have it shipped overnight.  Then it was delayed.  I will be getting in touch with Amazon today to have them refund my $17 in shipping.

My hubby actually ordered a completely new canvas for our popup because it's about 1/3 cheaper than we thought it would be.  We just need this current mouse-chewed canvas to get us through the next two weekends.  My hubby will be patching the current canvas and screens and I'll waterproof just in case.

This week has also been the end of the school year.  Plus, my daughter and I went to use a Groupon that we got at a tumbling place.  I managed to click on an email from Groupon on the day that they were offering 95% off.  Score!!!  I ended up getting a month of unlimited tumbling classes or open gym for $1.95.  We've only been once and it is already the best $1.95 we've ever spent.

My daughter is constantly doing handstands and cartwheels in our house.  She kind of drives me batty.  So, I knew this would be a good Groupon for her.  She took gymnastics when she was little, so she can do most basic stuff already and is self-taught for handstands, walk-overs, etc.  She ended up being pulled aside at the gym to go ahead and start learning how to do back handsprings.  I'm pretty sure she tired that poor trainer out!  It was like. . . .back handspring, back handspring, back handspring.  I didn't count, but it had to have been in the hundreds!  Maybe. . . . .    😉

We plan on going again tonight.  It's a little far from us, but at least she can stay for 2 hours.  It makes it a little more worth it then.

The past month has been a good one.  My son tried out for the Jazz band next year (he's a trombone player) and made it.  He also received an award for making honor roll (3.5 or higher) the first 3 quarters.

 My daughter scored the first goal at her soccer game last week.  She received the President's Education Award for All A's and 1 B this year.  She will also be playing the trombone next year, but it will be her first year playing.  As I said, they both had their soccer tryouts for next year's travel teams.  My daughter finished 4th grade, which means she will move up to the Middle School next year.  The school does a whole hat-tossing ceremony for the 4th graders and it's really cute.

So, I will now have 2 Middle-Schoolers.  How in the world did THAT happen?  When I started this here little blog my son was in Kindergarten and my daughter was in her first year of preschool.  Now they are BOTH in Middle School!  Time flies my friends.

How is your Summer break going?  Please tell me how you and your kids have been!

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