Sleep Wars! Man vs. Woman & Infographic on What Happens When You Sleep

I'm sure we all have our own rituals when it comes to preparing for sleep.  We all know the basic rules if we would like to get a good night's sleep.
Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening.
Don't look at electronics in the hours before bed.
Don't drink alcohol right before bed. 
Try to make sure your room is as dark as possible (Yes, that's actually a health thing!) 

The list could go on forever.  And for the most part, my hubby and I aren't good followers of any of those rules!  Coffee at 5 P.M.???  Sure!
Wine before bed?  Almost up until the last minute!  
Check the phone/tablet/computer one more time before bed?  Yep.

We don't actually do very well there.

What preparations do we actually make before bed?  

I once saw a meme about what it takes for a man to get ready for bed as opposed to what it takes for a woman to get ready for bed.
 The meme showed the man saying something like, "I'm tired, think I'll go to bed."  He then gets up, maybe brushes his teeth and goes to sleep.

When the woman says, "I'm tired, think I'll go to bed", it shows her "trip" to the bedroom.  It includes things like picking up laundry, turning on the dishwasher, feeding the cat, removing her makeup, getting clothes and lunches ready for tomorrow, brushing her teeth. . . . . 

You get the picture.  A woman's work is never done.  And I mean never.

My hubby had the audacity yesterday to say,
"I don't know why mommy always seems stressed out.  She has nothing to be stressed out about." 

And truthfully, he's right.  The things I do, taken individually shouldn't cause me stress.  Add all of those things together though, and they seem to just take up so much of everything 
(time, energy, soul. . . . .)

Anyway!  Here are some of the ways we try to get sleep, man vs. woman:

Him:  If he takes a nap. . . . 
makes everyone in the house be quiet
puts earplugs in
puts sleeping mask on

Me: If I want to take a nap. . . 
go lay down.

Him during nap. . . . 
is snoring as soon as his head hits the pillow. . .
depending on what time he takes nap,
might sleep through the entire night. . . 
(he works extremely hard, it's okay if it happens every now and then)

Me during nap. . . . 
sets alarm for however much time I can afford to nap. . . 
can't quiet mind . . . 
lies there for 2/3 of the nap trying to fall asleep. . . 
eventually falls asleep. . . 
hits snooze.
hits snooze. .
hits snooze. . .
Crap!  I need to get up and finish my stuff


Him:  Lies down and goes to sleep.

Me:  Lies down and falls asleep pretty quickly.

Let's face it, we both work hard and long hours.  It's not that hard for us to fall asleep at night.

Going through perimenopause and well on my way to actual menopause, falling asleep isn't the problem.  Waking up between 2 and 3 in the morning with hot flashes is the problem!  Thankfully that doesn't happen every night, though.  Apparently menopause is causing me to snore as well.  Gotta love the changes, right?  Rigggghhhhttt!  For those nights when I do wake up, it helps to have a glass of water nearby and the ceiling fan on.

Here are the things that I like to do to make the room more comfortable.

I like to have a reasonable thread count sheet set.  Too low and they're scratchy.  Too high and they actually get too warm.
Replace pillows as needed.  Did you know an old pillow can cause neck and back pain?  I found that out the hard way.
Use lavender essential oil when I wash the sheets and comforter.
Use a pillow top mattress cover over the mattress. If your mattress is old and would rather buy a new one, check out Leesa. They have some great beds online.
Use plants in the room to clean the air. . . . I'm sure this one doesn't make a difference in how I sleep, but it makes me feel better knowing that they're cleaning our air!
During the Winter, I make sure to have plenty of blankets and in the Summer the ceiling fan is running.  
We also keep the bedroom as clutter free as possible.  There is no clutter to stress us out before we fall off to sleep.
And we definitely don't keep any electronics in our bedroom.
And for my dear hubby. . . if I think I'm going to have a stuffy night, I actually wear one of those breathing strips on my nose.  😉
And most importantly:  Always kiss each other good night. 

Why is it important to make sure we get quality ZZZ's? A study done by Consumer Reports says that 68% of Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week. That’s approximately 164 million people. For Better Sleep Month being this past May, it’s our mission to reduce this number and we need your help to accomplish this.  What are YOUR tips to get better sleep?
 Check out the infographic below about what happens inside your body when you sleep.

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  1. We are pretty terrible too. It doesn't affect me--I sleep like a rock regardless. But my husband is an insomniac, so I really need to get him into some good routines. A sleep mask is a good idea!

    1. I think "being terrible" goes along with being a parent. . . . need that coffee in the morning & afternoon and that wine at night! LOL I hope your hubby is able to get some good sleep soon.


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