3 Reasons to Stop Using a Traditional Desk in the Office

Most desk jobs require employees to sit for at least 8 hours a day. That is if no overtime work is required. While having this kind of day job has its benefits, there is also a negative side to this kind of job.

While people might say that some of the negative things may include inflexible hours and the tendency to not have a good life-work balance, there is actually one thing about a desk job that workers tend to overlook, and that is the use of a traditional desk.

It might sound silly, but did you know that there are many companies who are now using standing desks? Research has shown that traditional desks may be the culprit in some issues for workers. Here are some of them that you can read through so you will know why it is advisable to stop using traditional desks in the office.

1. It can cause you to become more unproductive – while sitting for long periods of time, the inactivity may cause the brain to get bored. This is why workers can’t help but feel sleepy when they have been sitting in front of their computers and desks for a long time. This decreases productivity at work, which is bad for the company. A study shows that veering away from the use of traditional desks and using sit-stand desks can actually increase productivity by almost 50%.

2. It can cause a variety of health problems – there is already so much research that has been published that claim that sitting for long periods of time can be linked to many health concerns. These include obesity and other conditions such as high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, etc. It can even increase the risk of getting cancer and cardiovascular diseases. What’s worse is that going regularly to the gym seems to not decrease that risk. The key is moving. Even just standing while talking on the phone, or walking around with your colleague at the office can help reduce the risk.

3. It can cause bad posture and back pain – many desk workers complain of chronic back pain, not realizing that traditional desks are the reason. Slumping and slouching in front of a computer may seem comfortable at first, but in the long run, it is the culprit that causes the back pain. Aside from that, sitting too long can cause stress on the lower back muscles. Having a bad posture can lead to more than just back and shoulder pains. It can result to more serious conditions and even your happiness can be affected when you have a bad posture. Here’s more information about bad body posture that you need to know about. It includes more effects of body posture that not everyone may know about. But aside from that, the site has also listed various ways that bad posture can be addressed. Workers who work 8 hours a day do not need to live with chronic back pain due to bad posture. Check out the site and find out how you can improve your posture today.

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