8 Fashion Trends to Spice Up Your Summer Style

Yes! It's summer again.  For fashion lovers like me, it sure is a season to stay rocking and try on as many amazing outfits as possible.  Or. . . since I'm doing Project 333, dream about trying on all the outfits.   Amidst all the heat, you have to go to work, attend school, be at events, go to the beach and stay classy at the same time.

Now, the most common challenge is finding the right combinations, but more importantly, the right fit for the occasion.  These are some of the outfits that will spice up your summer.  They are relaxing, chic and glam.

Off the shoulder and cut out tops.
Undoubtedly one of the sexiest forms of dressing in summer. They are cool, sophisticated and portray the 60s style.

Could be fitted or flowy; whichever suits your style. Off shoulders and cut outs are more alluring with embroidery designs, which is even cooler when you have a home embroidery machine from popular, but reliable brands as seen on Design My Costume. You could work it out yourself.  On denim shorts, trousers or pants; you are so good to go.

Micro Pleats
Pleats were once considered old fashioned and trust me they’re the real deal right now. Thankfully, they have evolved into many types; micro, mini and full.

The micro pleats create the boldest and most pleasurable means of enjoying the sweet summer breeze at the beach. But, a little swish here or there in the office won’t wrinkle your style. Pleated skirts may be worn with off the shoulder tops, strapless tops and sleeveless tops. With the humid grip of summer, pleats allow for breathing space.

Stripes and Floral Prints

When dealing with stripes and floral prints, women often tag it “a fashion error” to wear stripes on stripes or prints on stripes. True, there are some fashion errors here and there, but these combinations are hardly one. Why worry when all you need is some guidelines?

Mix matching big stripes on small stripes or vice versa. This kind of mixture speaks volumes and adds excitement.

Micro prints even seem like the more difficult option to pull through because they are often considered not as bold as other kinds of print. It may look like full solid until you see the minute stripes. Pairing the micro stripe with a less clumsy floral print bottom will be perfection. It’s striking and not too loud.

A bold floral print bottom has all the solutions to your doubts. It’s advisable to notice the most prominent color and blend with that. Top choices may be plain or striped. These opposite styles find harmony in between and hence, create the needed balance.  Big and bold accessories help finish the look. Pick another color relative to your statement making bottom. You’ll be surprised at the result.

Another vital means to matching up prints is picking corresponding or complementary colors. For example, black and white with blue, often make a great combination because of their tones. No harm in pairing your black and white polka dot shorts with a blue and black striped top. Since they both have black in common, you may want to round it up with black accessories.

When trying out floral on other prints, you may want to keep it monotone. It doesn’t become too bogus or overwhelming.

Have you imagined floral on floral? It is so possible. The trick is to make sure the flowers complement, add a sense of balance to the intensity and avoid being clumsy. If the top is of more intensity or too busy, opt for a simpler bottom and apply vice versa.  Their contrast is the beauty in it. It does not feel too matchy, it speaks to fashiondynamism
Low-high skirts
The low- high skirts, mullet skirts or high low skirts always have varying lengths. Short in front, long in the back, short side ways, long on the other side, etc.  The skirt flows with the wind and therefore provides an easy to combine aura.

You may start by combining with a floral print top or a lacy embroidery design top. These match ups turn out to be much more interesting.  A simple jacket might suffice. A crop top will do justice as well as any tank top of choice. Since the skirt may be so flowy, a fitted or not too blousy top is a great match.

The low-high skirts may be found in leopard prints, neutral colors, polka dots, stripes, floral prints and so on. These only provide a more open variety.

Corky chic
Sometimes, all you need is corky chic. Be it corky boots, sandals, flip flops or sneakers.  Wearing boots sound rustic and old fashioned, I know.  With fashion, there’s no such thing as old. When styled correctly, corky chic can be very chic. It could be worn with flowing summer dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts, tops and crop tops.

Multi ring action
The multi ring action in summer cannot be overemphasized.
First, find your balance by paying rapt attention to your fingers. Know which ring type suits each finger. You might as well add an element of surprise each time; thumb rings, pinky fingers rings. Others like the silver- gold combo. It’s always catchy and dynamic.

Printed pants
These are more than a huge deal now. It’s a trend you can’t afford to miss out on. For the summer look, you may match it up with a tank top, flat sandals, neck piece and nice glasses. It’s easy to tuck in a tank with a loose light jacket or fitted blazer and fire up on heels.

If the pant is a bold print, your best match is a neutral color to tone it down.  The perfect crop top will suffice as well since printed pants are often high waisted. Alternatively, you may like to pair up with a vivid, yet classy tee. Wear a boot, sneakers or wedge sneakers.  If your printed pants are tighter, you could pair them with an oversized shirt.

It is a fun summer look when you pair up your printed pants with a nice crop top and a floral hat; especially embroidered crop tops made with home embroidery machines from amazing brands like Singer, Brother.  

Floral hats
It is so easy to stand out in floral hats. They’re bright and bold. They even brighten your mood and dressing. Whether it’s the wide brim floppy hat, fedoras or panama; floral does it. Any one of these mentioned styles are so appropriate that a floral hat comes as a spontaneous addition.  It provides shade for your eyes and face and protects your hair as well. Floral hats with floral print bottoms will make you fall in love.

Summer is the highlight of all seasons of the year, allowing for freedom of expression through our dressing. Step out of your comfort zone this summer and try out new fashion trends.

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