Home Safety Tips for the Summer

Did you know that home burglary rates spike during the summer? Homeowners are more likely to be away from home enjoying the warm weather which makes it easier for burglars to find a time to break in. Following the following tips will help you protect your home this summer.

Keep your windows and doors locked - even when you’re home. A majority of burglars enter the homes through a window or door. It may be tempting to keep your windows open for a breeze to pass through, but it could end up being a mistake if someone takes advantage and gets in.

Check your home for other ways in. Step outside your home and take a look at it through the eyes of a burglar. Are there any trees that lead to the second floor or items laying around that can be used to break a window or lock? Don’t give anyone looking to get into your house a simple way in.

Consider getting home security devices. Devices that help you protect your home, such as security cameras and motion sensors, will give you peace of mind while you’re away from home. Even yard signs warning of home security are likely to scare off any intruders. Visit SimpliSafe’s Twitter for more safety tips regarding home security technology.

Protect your home while you’re away. Burglars know the signs of an empty home, so it’s important to make your house appear as if someone is there. Put your lights on a timer and have a neighbor mow your lawn so your home looks cared for.

 Ask your post office to hold your mail while you’re gone so your mailbox doesn’t accumulate too much. Move any spare keys you had hidden outside to a safe location. A final thing to keep in mind is to watch what you post on social media. Try not to give it away that your home will be vacant. You never know who is watching what you post!

Ask your neighbors to watch out for any suspicious activity.  Whether you’re home or on a trip, it’s a good idea to have trusted neighbors that will report any suspicious people near your home. Give them your phone number or ask them to call the authorities to check in on your neighborhood. If you’re willing to keep an eye on their home, they’ll surely help you protect yours as well.

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