Hormones & Mood Swings -- An Infographic

Nurture and nature: That’s the constant debate in trying to predict how someone will turn out. Nurture, of course, means how the people and the environment you’re raised in affect the personality you have and the person you become. But nature? That’s just what you’re born with—your eye color, your hair color—and that you cannot, without huge efforts or outside intervention, radically impact.

                One of those nature factors is hormones. Every person, male and female, has them, and they impact much about our appearance. But for women, hormones have other effects that can make themselves apparent, including reproduction, metabolism, and overall emotional health, particularly during periods of increase or decline.

                However, instead of approaching hormones as this untouchable, uncontrollable factor, some women have started to embrace understanding what their hormones are doing, why it’s happening, and how they can make an impact. Read on for more insights into hormone levels.

You can click on the link below to be taken to the full-sized graphic.

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