The Essential Camping Food Checklist

One of the best moments to be around the campfire is during dinnertime, as the aroma of a delicious meal spreads throughout camp. 

There is something about cooking outside that can make food taste incredible, so long as you have the right equipment of course. Believe it or not, but you can even cook many gourmet camping recipes. To ensure you make meals to remember, and that none of your fellow campers ends up in A&E, pack for your trip with this list:
Of course, you cannot go camping without taking water with you for both drinking and cooking. For maximum efficiency, bring reusable water bottles that can be refilled either at the camp or when you are out and about. Not only will this help you save money but it is also better for the environment. Remember, you will also need water for washing dishes and general hygiene, ensure you have enough for the camp by bringing some large containers.
Camping Coolers and Ice Chests
You will need a place to store all your fresh food and drinks, right? That’s why you should take either a cooler or camping ice chest with you, which will allow you to house vegetables, eggs, bacon, milk, water, fruit, cheese, butter and alcohol, plus more. Remember, the more coolers and ice chests your friends or family bring along, the more options you will have to enjoy during the trip.
A Camping Stove
Unless you want to burn your meals to a crisp, we recommend avoiding cooking your meal over a campfire. Instead, take a camp stove along with you on a camping trip. While some campsites do provide a grill, they’re not always practical for a large camping group.  A two-burner, propane camp stove with a windscreen will allow you to cook up a feast for your camping companions, and it’s also a great way to boil water quickly if necessary. If using a gas stove, ensure that it is stored securely for travel.
Pots and Pans
There is no point packing a camping stove and ingredients if you forget about the pots and pans. Basic pots will do the trick during a camping trip, so opt for lightweight options that are easy to carry in your backpack. Make sure you have enough pans to cook a meal for everybody in ther evening.
Kitchen Utensils
You might not realize how many kitchen utensils you use in everyday life until you go camping. You’ll need a can opener to open any tinned goods, and knives for cutting meat and vegetables. A mixing bowl is also great for seasoning ingredients, and each camper will need a cup, bowl, fork, knife and spoon. For coffee lovers, remember a percolator! There is nothing worse than a long hike without a proper coffee.
As mentioned, many campsites often come equipped with grills. If you plan to use one, all you may need to take with you is the charcoal. However, check with the campsite in advance to ensure they have a grill to use onsite. Otherwise, you might have to be a little creative when cooking meals for the camp.

Don’t forget to take as much food as possible with you for every meal time. Try labelling food containers to ensure you will have enough supplies with you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Before you leave, take into account numbers. Monitor how much food you use at home over a week if you don’t know how much to take. Unsure of what items to bring? We can help.
For breakfast bring plenty of bread and cereal from home. For fruit and yogurts it might be better to buy them at your destination, so they stay fresh and don’t make a mess on the journey.
Depending on your preferences, pack plenty of tinned goods for lunchtime.  Sandwiches are a quick and easy solution to a mass feeding occasion. Be sure to pack plenty of storage containers for picnics on the beach.
 Disposable barbeques are perfect for dinner time, and you can cook a wide range of foods on them. Alongside pasta, rice or potatoes bought from home search the local market for fish or meat that you can cook fresh that night. To make sure camp stays clean and tidy remember to pack enough plates and cutlery for all campers.
Non-Perishable Snacks
Don’t allow a rumbling stomach to ruin a camping experience. Boost your body’s energy by taking non-perishable snacks with you on a hiking trail or another outdoor adventure. For instance, you can pack granola bars, tinned goods, peanut butter and trail mixes in a backpack, so you can enjoy a yummy treat that will ensure you last until lunch or dinner.
Campfire Snacks
No camping experience is complete without the taste of marshmallows lingering on your tongue. Alternatively, place them and some chocolate between crackers to create delicious s’mores that will take you to food heaven before returning you back to the campsite.
Bring Personal Treats
Different people will have different cravings during a camping trip. If you enjoy a staple item in your diet each day, bring it with you. While you should aim to share meals and campfire snacks with friends, there’s no reason why you can’t pack your personal favorites, too. For instance, if you love a protein powder in the morning for breakfast, pack it in your backpack to ensure you enjoy the camping experience from beginning to end.
Pack Extra Food
It never hurts to take extra food with you. After all, you would rather have too much over too little. Sometimes it’s wise to pack a little more so you can extend your trip if you’re all having too much of a good time together, or if you feel like a different meal to the one you had planned for that night. Plus, there will always be one greedy camp mate who would be more than happy to have a second helping of food.
There’s more to camping than food, too. You’re bound to enjoy a bottle of whiskey as it’s passed around a campfire. Stock up a cooler with different drinks to stay hydrated, such as coffee, tea, milk, juice, hot chocolate and maybe even the odd beer or two.
Herbs, Spices and Condiments
Add a little flavor to your food by packing plenty of herbs, spices and condiments. For instance, you may want to sprinkle salt and pepper on your pasta or add some heat to your grilled meat.  A grilled cheese sandwich might not be the same without ketchup, relish or mustard, so be sure to pack what you would use at home.

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