What to Know When You Set Up Your First Office or Workspace

It’s a huge step: buying or renting your very first office, studio or workspace. It’s a sign that your business efforts have finally come to fruition, allowing you to move away from working at home, and solidifying your business as successful. If you’re not successful, there’s no way you’d be able to move into your own space. So, while it’s an incredibly exciting time, it can also be fraught with stress and tension. There’s a lot you need to do and think about both before you move in, and once you’ve arrived. Then you need to go about making sure it looks professional and works the way you need it to. So, to help you out with this huge transition, here are a few things you should concentrate on when you decide to move.

Location is one of the key elements of a big move. You need to be close enough to home so that you’re not wasting hours on a commute, but equally, it needs to be somewhere affordable. It needs to be within good reach of public transport and road networks, but not so close that all you can hear is the hum of traffic. Similarly, you probably want to be near a vibrant town or city center – but doing this will increase your rent. So, you need to decide what this space is for. If it’s just for you to work in, then you can be anywhere – preferably closer to home and an easy, low traffic route. However, if you want to host clients and meet potential employees, you’ll have to be nearer high-density areas or places where your services will go down the best.

Getting there

If you’ve got a car or motorbike, you can reach any space unhindered. You’ll have plenty of opportunities open to you, especially if you’re happy with somewhere in the suburbs, or in a more rural location. However, if you have to rely on public transport, you’ll probably have to pay a bit more to secure a prime location. However, this isn’t a bad thing: if you have in-office clients meetings and are looking to employ new people, then having great public transport links will be a big plus. If you are going to drive there, then look for areas with little traffic at rush hour: you don’t want anything getting in the way of you going to your new office.

Rates and fees

You need to be careful about what you’re paying. Yes, you might be doing really well at the moment, and can afford a sky high second mortgage or rental fee, but what if the demand drops, and your income halves? You need to know that even on a minimum output, you can still pay your new office’s bills. Remember that you won’t just be paying out for the property – you’ll have business rates to cover, water and electricity bills, and your broadband costs. Go through everything that you’ll need to pay, as well as the money it’ll cost to get there and see what the safest amount is you can part with. You don’t want the stress of money hanging over you if there are ways around it.


Whether you’ve got a room full of computers and expensive resources, or just an empty studio with your paint brushes, you need to have a secure property. Some offices, if they were designed for purpose, will have all the latest mod-cons, like CCTV and gated entrances. However, if you don’t have this, you should look into having professional security features installed. It’ll need a bigger budget, but you’ll be able to comply with insurance demands as well as relax knowing that your property is safe.


Once you’ve found somewhere and signed on the dotted line, you need to ensure that it’s a pleasant place to work. This means giving it a thorough clean and installing items like dehumidifiers and air ventilation. You’ll also need to watch out for any bugs or animals getting too overrun. It’s easy for pests to spring up in offices, as people aren’t there as often as they are at home. So, make sure you’ve got a reputable company that can come out and help if needed. If you’re in North Carolina, speak to Lake Norman Pest Control in Huntersville NC for support and advice.

Deliveries and storage

If you’re making items or selling them, you need to have enough storage area to free up your customer-facing space. Having a cluttered, crowded workspace or shop will give off an unprofessional tone, and may put potential customers off from working with you. You might need to get inventive with storage solutions, but it’s certainly something to add to your list. Likewise, if you’ll be getting deliveries – even ones in smaller trucks – you need to have space for them to park up and load or unload. If your workspace is hard to access, you might end up losing delivery slots, or even worse, irritating or angering neighbors who can’t access their own home.

Decoration and interior design

Regardless of the industry or sector you work in, you want your office or workspace to fully reflect your business ideals and aims. You want the interior design to be an extension of all your other business assets, like your website and business brochures. So, if you own the building or office, get to work painting and redecorating. You don’t need to do anything drastic, but simple, high-quality designs on the wall give an air of success, style and professionalism.

Technology and IT

The right IT and technology will benefit your business a huge amount. You need to have devices that work for your needs – they must be fast and responsive, and help you do your work. Likewise, any wi-fi or broadband that you invest in has to do what it promises: if it says it’s going to be a certain speed, you need to hold the providers to it. You can’t have unreliable, slow IT if your business is going to be a success. It’ll hold you back and deny you opportunities. 

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