4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Jewelry

Jewelry ranges from costume pieces, to items that rival the price of a new car. The pleasure of a low price fades away with every skin rash, every day the cheap gem fails to sparkle, or every commenter who mistakes your discount jewelry for a piece of costume jewelry. Here are four easy ways to save on jewelry without trying to become an expert or spending days hunting for the best deal.

Stay Away from Jewelry Store Chains

Jewelry store chains enjoy the best name recognition because they can afford to advertise. However, they charge a markup for that privilege, just as generic food and brand name foods come out of the same factories, but the branded food costs twenty to fifty percent more. You don’t have to go to a pawn shop to find quality jewelry at a reasonable price though, used jewelry is an affordable way to buy quality jewelry. Small family owned jewelers have lower operating costs, so you’ll save money by visiting them. Another option is to look online, since many of these sites have low overhead costs that translate into lower prices for the same pieces of jewelry. Don’t neglect consignment shops; upscale ones may have a selection of gold and silver jewelry at a serious discount, and there’s less competition for their selection, as well.

Have the Jewelry Certified

Arranging for gems to be properly certified helps save you from buying a discount gem that is actually a fake or severely inferior gem that has no value when you try to sell it to someone else. The modest cost of having an expert visit the jewelry store with you or using jewelers who have such professional certifications should be seen as insurance. If in doubt, take the jewelry to an independent appraiser. Don’t rely on an appraiser associated with the jeweler, since it is in their vested interest to answer the way the jeweler wants them to answer.

Consider Alternatives with Long Term Value

If you are considering alternative gems and precious metals to save on jewelry costs, buy alternatives that have long term value. For example, buy a ring with smaller rubies and emeralds instead of more exotic stones that others won’t recognize as valuable in twenty years. Morganite in rose gold looks lovely, but it won’t have much demand on the open market. A rose gold ring with rubies, pink sapphires or smaller white diamonds laid out in a lovely pattern will retain its value. Jewelry consisting of several small, mid-grade stones is as bright and attractive as a much larger, single stone. Bigger isn’t always better, which is why a large diamond with serious flaws isn’t necessarily worth the money.
When shopping for an upscale watch, consider those with bodies made mostly of silver, though the rim around the watch face is gold. Or consider classy alternatives like Jovon Cameo Jewelry cameos; the personalized nature makes them precious to the recipient without having to pay a fortune.

Trade In, or Trade Up

One way to save on jewelry is to sell broken gold and jewelry you don’t want any more when buying new items. The cost of the new jewelry is offset by what you trade in, just as when you save on a new car when you sell the dealer your old one. If you sell your existing diamond promise ring for a fancier diamond engagement ring, the purchase price is reduced significantly.
Note that these “trade-ins” are a source of affordable used jewelry for savvy customers, though you may have to ask the jeweler to see the selection of these items instead of the marked up retail offerings.


Avoid jewelry store chains and check out online outlets, family owned stores, consignment shops and other venues. Find an appraiser to verify the quality of the item before you buy potentially over-valued jewelry. Before you select jewelry made of exotic, cheaper materials, determine whether or not the jewelry will retain its value on the open market. You can reduce the purchase price of jewelry by trading in or trading up.

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