5 Gardening Tips for the Lazy Gardeners

Achieve your ideal garden that does not require much of your time and efforts with these simple gardening tips that are exclusively for lazy gardeners.

Gardening can be one of a person’s stress relievers.

There is nothing more attractive than a house with a garden. Most of you want to see different kinds of flowers and plants in the front or back yard of your home.  However, if not because of the lack of space, some of you are just too lazy to maintain the beautification of your gardens. This is maybe because you are bombarded by other tasks which make you feel unmotivated to work on your garden. Perhaps, you have had this experience of gardening but eventually stopped because of its demanding maintenance. But as what people usually say, “If there is a will, there will surely be a way!” So, to make things easier for you, we have prepared the five simple gardening tips for the lazy gardeners.

1. Use an organic fertilizer on your soil.

Organic fertilizers offer not just one but many benefits.

Organic fertilizers help you save time and effort by keeping your plants healthy. They make most of the things efficient and effective just like how they boost the efficiency of water to make your plants survive even during the drought. So, you really don’t need to worry about your soil’s fertility from time to time since they are present to boost your soil’s nutrients while you are busy doing other things.

2. Let your plants have their own source of water.

Water irrigation system is one of the most convenient methods for gardeners.

Watering your plants every day is a common advice you hear that maybe makes you feel hesitant in keeping your own garden. So, to save your time and effort from this basic plant care tip, you need to make your plants have their own source of water. You need to make use of the water irrigation system. One day of installing it saves you from watering your beloved plants every day. Aside from that, there are lots of new watering tools such as watering bulbs that can provide your plants with water for a certain number of days. With this technique, your conscience won’t bother you if you forget to water your plants.

3. Use the ‘no-dig’ gardening method.
With this method, you are allowing the soil to sustain itself.

This is another tip for lazy gardeners like you that will help you go on with your life without minding much about your garden responsibilities. With this kind of method, all you need to do is to gather leaf mold, compost, manure, spent mushroom compost, and other things to be put 5-15 centimeters deep in the surface of the soil. Those things will attract worms, insects, and microbes which are essential for your plants to survive and be healthy. With this, there is no need for you to cultivate your soil or do the digging since the soil itself is able to nourish itself with the help of the elements beneath it.

4. Let wildlife help you.
Tiny insects such as bees are a great help in your garden.

Bees, frogs, toads, ladybirds, and other tiny creatures can also offer some help to you. They serve as your protectors from the pests that will ruin your garden. In other words, they serve as insecticides or pesticides replacement. Hence, you can be saved from using harmful chemicals that will damage the environment. That should be a great act to be credited, considering the current needs and situations of the world.

5. Limit the size of your garden.
Whether it is big or not, a garden can still add life to your home.

This is one important tip for lazy gardeners. Apparently, if you think you cannot maintain your garden, then it is better for you not to wish of having a large one. A large garden requires more effort for its maintenance. Basically, that is only for the people who are willing to spend a considerable time every day to take care of their garden. But for you, a small one will do. What is important is the presence of some plants that will give your house a fresh look and fresh air to breathe.

In a nutshell, a garden that won’t require much of your time and effort needs to be well-structured and planned before you enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and other benefits of having a small garden. Hence, spending a couple of days in structuring your garden and installing the things that will help you, in the long run, is obviously better than spending each of your days in taking care of your garden. With these simple tips for the lazy gardeners, there is no more reason for you to hold yourself from achieving your ideal garden!

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  1. I am not a gardener lazy or otherwise, Tim goes through gardening stages but me never


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