4 Ways for You to Live in the Moment

Life can be full of stresses and strains that make it incredibly difficult to live in the moment. This is especially true when you are responsible for taking care of your loved ones. It may feel as though you are the only one who bothers to plan ahead. This is an enormous amount of pressure to take on. Make sure that from time to time, you remember to act on impulse. It may not be a practical idea to do this all the time. However, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally letting loose. Below are five ways for you to live in the moment.

Be more honest

Do you constantly find yourself worrying about what other people think of you? Are you afraid of upsetting anyone by speaking your mind? Why not try to be more honest? Obviously, you will have to pick and choose your moments. For instance, if your mother-in-law is wearing an ugly hat, you may not want to blurt this out. However, whenever there is a good opportunity to be honest, you should be sure to take it. This will allow you to create deeper relationships, and will also stop you from worrying. Don’t overthink things, express how you truly feel.

Put away your technology

Technology can be extremely useful, but it can also get in the way of you living in the moment. You don’t have to abandon your digital devices completely. Instead, select a few moments when you will put them away. For instance, you could ban technology at the dinner table, or before bed. The former ban will help you to grow closer as a family, and the latter will improve your sleeping habits. If you are doing something truly exciting, you could set yourself a limit on the number of photos you will take. This will ensure that you don’t spend the whole time living through your camera. You should try to put it down, and enjoy the beauty of the moment.

Involve your loved ones

Encourage your entire family to let loose every now and then. This is a great way to nurture your little one’s imagination. It will also help to wear your family out and stop them from causing havoc out of boredom. If you are a bit of a worrier, it might be nice for your loved ones to see a different side to you. Try to embrace your playfulness. Make sure that your concentrated chaos is taking place in an area that you don’t mind getting messy. This will prevent your sensible side from kicking in.

Plan a spur of the moment event

Make the most of every opportunity, and plan a spur of the moment event. At www.ticketsales.com you can find fabulous deals on resale tickets. You can book your dream event at a variety of different venues. When was the last time you rocked out at a concert or cheered loudly at a sports game? Again, you can get your loved ones involved, and show them what happens when you really let loose. Don’t obsess about the little details, use this event as an opportunity just to have fun! 

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    1. Yes. Life gets so busy, it's good to remind ourselves to live in the moment!


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