Embarking on a Career in Accounting? Here Are 5 Tips to Help Get You Started

If you are just starting out in accounting, it can seem like a daunting field to belong to, with the stringent professional requirements CPAs have to adhere to and the rigorous training that goes into meeting them. The fact is, though, that navigating the career field is about more than just earning your credentials. Accounting recruitment agencies in LosAngeles can also be a big help in getting you started. Here are five additional ways you can get yourself off to a successful start before, during, and after you pursue your CPA license.

1.       Get Experience Early

Yes, there are a variety of accounting positions that do not require you to be an accountant. Payroll and bookkeeping positions rarely require a CPA unless they are tracked for something bigger at the company, and you can always start out by being a tax consultant for individual and small business income taxes. These professional experiences will help you to understand the culture as you pursue your education.

2.       Build Your Professional Network

“Accounting” is a broad field with many niches and opportunities, so if you want to find your way to your success, you need to meet people who are doing what you want to do. That means joining groups for professionals who can point you to continuing education opportunities, new positions, and more.

3.       Learn to Use Metrics on Your Resume

Your job is quantitative, your resume should be too. Metrics that state how much you save employers and what efficiencies you brought to them demonstrate your value very clearly.

4.       Understand the Industry

Accounting is a technical profession with a long build-up. It’s vital that you go into it with realistic expectations about continuing your education even after finishing your CPA.

5.       Find Help Finding Your First Job

Recruiting firms place qualified accounting professionals in positions that need their skills. There are full-time, interim, and temporary jobs available in the industry, and working with accountingrecruiting firms can help you navigate the job market for the first time. 

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