Get Noodle-icious with This Veggie Noodle Infographic

When it comes to noodles, what’s not to love? Well, if you’re trying to manage your carbohydrate levels, lower your calorie intake, or boost the amount of vegetables you eat, then focusing on pasta may not be as healthful of an eating plan as it could be. So what can take the place of traditional noodles? Well, as it turns out—vegetables.
                Creating noodle shapes out of vegetables isn’t hard, and these colorful, more healthful versions offer more vitamins and minerals than you can find in pasta. Plus, you really don’t have to have special equipment to create these (although you can invest in a low-cost noodle maker if you like).  If you're looking for a spiralizer, you can check out our review of the Briefton 5 Blade Spiralizer.  Make sure you check out our spiralized recipes here:  Spiralized Zucchini posts.
                When you’re choosing vegetables to swap in for noodles, think about firm vegetables that hold their shape well—zucchini is a frequent pasta stand-in, as is squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.
                Want to learn more about transforming veggies into noodles? Use the ideas in this graphic.

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