How Dogs Improve Our Health ~ Infographic & Happy National Dog Day!

National Dog Day is August 26th! We are a cat family here, but I have many, many friends who are dog lovers, including one of my dear friends who is a veterinarian.  Here's what she had to say about her little furry friends:

" Having a dog is like looking through a window into the soul that you wish everyone had. They do not judge, they just love unconditionally and make you realize and understand how important you are to them... And by extension how important you are as a person. My fur kids make me smile when I don't want to smile, and realize that I actually do need that cuddle even if I didn't think so before."

I hope that if you are a dog lover like so many of my friends, that you enjoy this infographic!  Ready for the benefits of having a dog?  Check out Puppy Spot

Are you a dog lover?  How do you feel they improve the quality of your life?

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  1. Oh yeah dogs are wonderful had many of them over the years but not any more as my husband and I travel more now and really isn't practical to have a dog

    1. How nice that you and your hubby travel more though! :)


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