Renewing My Love of Yoga with the Yoga Mat Towel by FiveFourTen

Well, school is back in session today and it's time to get back to reality.  It was a fun Summer that might have been filled with just a tad too much laziness.  Although I will miss the lazy Summer days, it is nice getting back into some of the scheduling and rituals.  Unfortunately, one of the things that fell off my radar over the Summer was my yoga practice.  I really wanted to do yoga every day, especially leading up to our trip to the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon is such a peaceful, spiritual place for me.  It would have been awesome to do yoga there.  Alas, I fell out of practice.

Thankfully, I've recently received a new Yoga Mat Towel for review to help me get my butt back in gear!  **Disclosure:    I received it at a huge discount to facilitate this review.  All opinions, as always, are 100% mine.**  

The soft microfiber yoga mat towel is by FiveFourTen.  You might remember the review I did for the yoga mat strap from FiveFourTen.  FiveFourTen carries all kinds of yoga accessories, including stretching straps, carrying straps, towels and mats.

I ordered my yoga mat towel through Amazon Prime, but you can also order through their website at   If you choose to order through Amazon (who doesn't love Amazon Prime????), here's the link:

The towels can be bought one at a time in purple or gray OR in packages of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, depending on how many you think you'd need.
The towels can be handwashed or washed in a machine on the gentle or handwash cycle and then hung or dried on low.

The yoga mat towel can be used on it's own or over a yoga mat.  The yoga towel was about 4 inches longer than my mat and the same exact width, so it worked out perfectly for me.

The towel can be helpful if you practice hot yoga and tend to sweat during your sessions.  No more slippery mats when you get going.

I found the yoga mat towel to not have as much grip as my regular yoga mat for some moves.  I felt like I was slipping a tad.  BUT, when the towel started to get wet, that changed.  At that point I feel like the yoga mat towel had MORE grip, which is kind of what it's supposed to be useful for anyway.

Here's what I like about it ~~  it can be washed.  As I mentioned earlier, it can be handwashed or washed on gentle in the washer.

 I personally would never go through the trouble of hand-washing. It's kind of big.  It thankfully did fine in my washer on the hand-wash setting.  For me, washing the towel is easier than trying to keep my normal yoga mat clean.  I never feel like I can get it "clean" enough.  So this towel will be a nice addition.

Let's say you buy a yoga mat towel.  Yay!!  Good for you.  But guess what???  It's also good for impoverished rural communities.  How is that possible?  FiveFourTen has partnered with Trees For the Future.  They plant 1 Tree for every FiveFourTen product sold.  They plant specific types of trees and crops over a four year period to help communities in these ways:
*Restore bio-diversity
*build strong communities
*create educational opportunities for children
*provide permanent and seasonal employment
& more.
To find out more info about Trees for the Future, check out their website:

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Have you ever tried a yoga mat towel before? Also, have you ever tried Hot Yoga? Tell me about it!

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