The History of Jewelry

Interested in learning about the history of jewelry? From the early periods of jewelry crafting to how poison rings made their way into jewelry history, find out how the jewels we wear today were influenced by our ancestors, and how the history of jewelry has evolved over time.

Discover Renaissance jewelry trends – the effects of gemstone cutting and the introduction of the creation of mythical creatures using pearls; the Victorian era and how Mourning Jewelry was created – stemming from Queen Victoria herself wearing black jewelry to match her mourning clothes.

Learn more about the Edwardian era – focusing on jewelers who strayed from the Art Nouveau movement; and 20th century jewelry – exploring how the inspiration of African masks and tribal cuffs influenced jewelry.

Find out everything you need to know about the Arts Deco’s influence on jewellery – how the use of geometric shapes and clean lines contributed to jewellery; and how modernist jewellery has transformed through time – including the increase in demand for gold.

For a chronological version of the history of jewelry and how it has impacted the jewelry we wear today, find out more from this history of jewelry timeline.

 Which was your favorite era in the history of jewelry?

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  1. Now this was interesting, I like jewellry but have never given its history any thought


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