The Top 10 Protective Laptop Sleeves Reviewed in 2017

Now that you've spent quite a large sum on your laptop, it is time for you to acquire a laptop sleeve to protect your laptop from harm. So, why should you opt for a laptop sleeve? Well, it does an excellent job of protecting your laptop from elements such as dust, fingerprints, moisture, and everything dirty! Without further ado, check out our favorite laptop sleeves and cases!
1. Targus TSS677 US Trax Sleeve
The Targus TSS677 US Trax Sleeve excels in the durability department. It also boasts of an enormous pocket on the surface, allowing you to keep your essentials easily accessible.
2. Thule Gauntlet 3.0
The Thule Gauntlet 3.0 is ideal for Apple laptops. However, it can also fit numerous other laptop models.  Although its steep pricing may be its biggest drawback, it does have numerous features including elastic bands, slips, and pockets etc.
3. Mosiso Multifunctional Laptop Sleeve
The Mosiso Multifunctional Laptop Sleeve is ideal for 13-inch laptops and it largely benefits from its padded polyester lining, making it ideal for protecting your laptop. You can be assured of its durability. It also helps that it is extremely lightweight.
4. Amazonbasics Laptop Sleeve
If you are looking for an ideal 13-inch laptop sleeve, you should look no further than the Amazonbasics Laptop Sleeve. The product is of the perfect size and it excels at providing a glove-like fit.
5. ProCase 15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case
The ProCase 15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve comes with a carrying handle, making it extremely efficient and easy to carry around. It also helps that the case can be opened up to 180 degrees, allowing you easy access to your laptop.
6. EveCase Diamond Neoprene Travel Bag
Boasting of a layer of diamond padded neoprene that is both water-resistant and shock-absorbent, the EveCase Diamond Neoprene Travel Bag ensures that you won't have to worry about the safety of your laptop during travels.
7. Inateck Carrying Case Briefcases
The Inateck carrying case briefcases boast of five layers of protection. Hence, you need not worry about the safety of your laptop at all. The zippered side pockets and the elastic handles all add to its charm!
8. STM Blazer
Not only is the STM Blazer aesthetically pleasing, it also has a great feel to it; you wouldn't want your hands off it. It boasts of foam padding that provides your laptop with 360 degrees of full protection. In addition to fitting in a laptop, there is extra room in the laptop sleeve for you to fit in a tablet, charger, notebook, phone and what not.  
9. Case Logic Laptop Sleeve
The Case Logic Laptop Sleeve is for you if you are strapped for cash. Although it is not much to look at, it does what a laptop sleeve is supposed to do—protect your laptop!
10. iBenzer Deluxe Laptop Sleeve Bag
Capable of fitting 13-inch laptops, the iBenzer Deluxe Laptop Sleeve Bag is constructed of soft neoprene. Therefore, you can be assured of your laptop´s protection with this product.

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