The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Moving House & Home

Moving House & Home is probably one of the biggest, longest, and most complicated tasks you’ll ever face in your lifetime. It could take months, even over a year to finally move into the house you buy, and hardly any move comes without its complications. Today we are going to take a look at every step of the way and give you a simple cheat sheet to use when you decide to make the leap.

Finding Your Property

Savills, Zillow, and PrimeLocation are always a great place to start when looking for property in your local area. They pull results from all local real estate agents and present them to you in a simple format. When you are looking for that perfect home, make sure to write down the things that are essential to you, and always check this with each prospective property.

A good idea would be to write down a list of properties in your area that you like and then drive around to take a look at the outside of them. Images can sometimes be deceiving online, and looking at properties this way can narrow the field.

Making an Offer

Once you've decided on the perfect property for you and your needs, it's time to make an offer. If your offer is not accepted right away, don't worry, you can always negotiate. When you receive the call to say your offer is accepted, you now have a few tasks to complete:

- Make an appointment with a Mortgage lender
- Sign up with a solicitor or Title company, depending on where you are located

The Legal Stuff

Now is where the complications can arise. If the lender accepts your mortgage application, then you can begin to discuss terms with a local solicitor or Title company, depending on where you live. A mortgage solicitor (or Title company) will liaise with your estate agent and the vendor's solicitor. It can take weeks for all parties to get to a position where documents can be signed. You will need to sign your contract, conduct a home buyer's report of your prospective house, and also arrange for a date to exchange contracts. If anything flags up in your survey or the environmental checks, this can slow down the moving process by weeks.

Moving Out

Once you've overcome the biggest hurdle, it's time to move house! For this, you may need to hire a moving company or a storage unit while arranging all of your belongings. A quick google search of Storage Units Near Me will give you a list of all the best companies in your area who offer services. Some will even help you pack up your things and unpack them with you in the new property.

Moving In

Everything is done, you've finally made it. You don't have to move everything in on your first day though. It may be good idea to take some cleaning equipment with you and an overnight bag with essentials on the first night, so you can clean the whole house before adding any furniture in. You can now move all of your belongings into the house over the next few days and get yourself settled into your new home. Once you’re finally in you can begin to make your home personal, why not take a look at some of these DIY Projects to get you started?

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