Time for Some Winter Prep!

As soon as you spot the fashion in the stores turn to richer, darker colors and thicker, softer textures, you know Winter is nearly here! Do you ever set aside a weekend to prepare your home for what might come? If not, you’re not alone. Lots of us wait for the extreme weather warnings to come in before we start to worry about the little things around the house. Of course, if you want to get ahead of the weather this year, then why not prepare right now, and stay toasty till Spring.

If you’re keen to grow your own or enjoy a garden of gorgeous flowers in the spring, then get planting now! Apparently, it’s best to prepare your bulbs and seeds before the temperature drops to single figures. If you’ve left it a tiny bit too late, try some planters and keep them in a protected spot close to the house. You can always transfer them later if you want to. Of course, you might prefer to invest in a large quantity of artificial plants and flowers that you can enjoy right now and all year round!

Roof Fixes
If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow in Winter, then you should definitely check that your roof is up to the challenge! It’s amazing how much snow can weigh. There are ways to avoid the snow sitting up there and freezing. After all, who enjoys that mini avalanche when they open the front door? Try something like roof heating cable to stop it from freezing in the first place.

Don’t forget that most of your home’s heat escapes through the roof. Have you added any extra insulation to your loft or attic space recently? This can help you stay warmer for longer and should reduce the cost of heating your home too. Spend some time checking, to make sure all your tiles or slate are intact and correctly covering your house. Clear out the gutters, and you’re ready for coldest, wettest days.

Logs And Twigs
An open fire is perfect in the winter time. If you’re lucky enough to own one, you might need to start collecting and sorting your logs and twigs now. Seasoned wood for the stove or burner can be quite pricey these days. Collecting your own (from appropriate sources) can save a lot of cash, but it needs to be stored and sorted ahead of time. Make sure you have appropriate coverings to keep it dry as well.

Frozen Food
Get ahead of the supermarket rush when those weather warnings come in. Use a chest freezer in your garage to store lots of frozen veg and fish and meats ahead of any big freeze that may come. You can even store milk and prepared fruit in there to save for later. Canned goods last for ages too so clear some space on the shelves. Don’t forget - you can cook portions of your favorite meals now, put them into microwaveable containers and then heat them later on. Perfect after an exhausting snowball fight!

What are some other ways that you prepare for Winter?

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