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We were recently given the opportunity to read this book for free, which we received from Handlebar publishing.  All opinions are 100% ours and no other compensation was received.

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It seems it's so hard to raise young girls these days with all of the electronics out there.  I never wanted my kids to have electronics, but they've somehow managed to sneak into our life anyway.  One of my daughter's favorite things to do right now is make videos.  She sees all of her friends doing it and she likes to do them too.  When I see these videos I kind of cringe at the fact that all of these girls seem so "grown up."  I keep trying to tell my daughter not to rush the growing up process.  Just slow down.

These girls get so much input from the world now and they think what they're seeing is "real."  As parents we know that a lot of this stuff is contrived, but the kids don't.  They want their hair just this way or their clothes just this way.  And with the things they do in school now, there is so much pressure!  Everyone has to make straight A's and participate in this many outside activities and the lists go on and on.

With as much input as they get, wouldn't you like some of it to be the input that God wants them to know?  In fact, don't you want what God wants for them to be the first thing they think about?

Brave Beauty, by Lynn Cowell helps young girls navigate the through those turbulent tween years with faith, hope and love.

The book has 100 chapters in 3 sections:

  1. I Am Loved
  2. I Am Brave
  3. I Am Confident
Here are the tags that can be found throughout the book.  Each chapter lists it's tags under the heading.  Tags:

salvation, forgiveness, faith, family, getting to know yourself, be yourself, purpose, self-worth, value, friends, hurt, left out, sad, loving difficult people, self-esteem, bravery, beauty, body changes, mean girls, loved, God's love, feeling loved, scared, care, purpose, good works, rejection, growing up, sad, heaven ,be myself, courage, fear, being alone, standing alone, peer pressure, changing, power, trust, confidence, overcoming fear, choices, going against the crowd, bullying, maturing, obedience, overwhelmed, encourage others, friendship

How you think about yourself will make the difference in who you become. #bravebeautybook

I might have missed some or repeated some of the tags that she used.  But, as you can see, quite a few topics are covered.  If your daughter is dealing with something that she needs a little encouragement or guidance with, she can find the chapters with the keywords that mean something to her that day.

Plus, there is a topical index in the back, if she wishes to look something up that way.

Although it's meant for girls to read on their own, I enjoyed reading parts of it with my daughter.  Some chapters have "Getting to Know You" quizzes where the girls can answer questions and there are no wrong answers.  My daughter and I discussed what we had read and I asked her the questions on the quizzes, trying to listen to her answers without judging.  (You'd rather go to your friends for comforting instead of your family?  Seriously?  Come on now!)  Lynn intended for the book to become a diary of sorts, so that girls can write down their thoughts, so there is a little blank space at the end of each chapter to write, if your daughter wishes.

Everything is written in a simple form as if Lynn was talking directly to your daughter.  She shares her own life experiences along the way.  The chapters are short and easy to read so that girls won't get antsy or bored before they're done with a devotional.  And each chapter ends with a "Courageous Call", which is a prayer.

Wouldn't you like for your daughter to understand who she is in Christ so that she can be all that God intended for her in this world?
Like a mirror reflects your image back to you, you were created to reflect God's beauty back to Him. #bravebeautybook

Note:  I even like this book for me!  I know that I could use a little confidence boost every now and then and a reminder that God made me exactly the way I am for a reason.  😉

Lynn also mentions her website throughout the book so that girls can look at her "scrapbook" online.  You can find it at under Brave Beauty.

Brave Beauty is available on Amazon: Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You (Faithgirlz), Barnes & Noble and

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