Genius Storage Hacks For Your Home

Whether you live in a one bedroom flat or a four bedroom house, no one likes to live in a place filled with clutter and mess. Especially when you have a growing family, it can be increasingly difficult to keep your belongings neat and tidy, and you often end up shoving everything in one random room of the house. You could even be left wondering what to do with things that won't fit in your house any longer.  However, there are plenty of different ways to upgrade your home and gain vital storage space by using clever tricks and smart solutions. Here is a list of genius storage hacks that you'll want to add to your house right now.

The Loft/ Attic

If you have a loft or attic space above your house, use it. You can cheaply add floorboards to the space to make it safe for storage and then get to work adding some shelving and boxes to store your belongings. Rather than just throwing everything up there when you no longer need it, consider making the most of the space and treating it as a whole new room in your house.

The Staircase

One of the most clever solutions for adding extra storage to your home is to turn your stairs into a set of drawers. This means that every single step you climb is a drawer to fill with shoes, books and other things. It is ingenious and will allow you to keep your rooms free of unnecessary clutter.

Close Off Your Storage

Although open facing cabinets and bookshelves might be attractive to some, they can make your house look messy, and rooms seem small. Try buying a bookcase with doors, or cabinets with no handle. These instantly look more modern and tidy than before. They can also offer more space for storage because you don't have to worry about things falling out onto the floor.

Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture with more than one purpose is the epitome of genius storage. An ottoman which offers space for your DVDs or blankets and a bed which doubles up as a chest of drawers offer clever ways to hide away your belongings without buying an extra piece of furniture.

Drawers Inside Cupboards

Cupboards are great, but have you ever noticed that there is a lot of space left in the top of a cupboard once you've filled it? That's why adding drawers which pull out of your cabinet can save an enormous amount of hassle and add valuable space. Adding the extra space is especially useful in the kitchen for storage, pots, pans, and dishes for cooking.

Hide Loose Cables

Cables are the bane of a modern person's life. With TV cables, game consoles, DVD players, and digital boxes... you can easily end up with a mass of tangled cables on the floor. There are however some amazing ways to hide pesky cables and save your floor. You can purchase TV units with a hole in the back, so you can place an extension lead in and place all of the cables inside. Another clever hack is to use binder clips to keep cables in place; this stops them getting lost and tangled.

Do you have any storage hacks to add to this list?  We'd love to hear them!

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