How to Gradually Cut Down on Smoking

Do you want to quit traditional cigarettes for good, but doubt you have the willpower to do so? It might be smarter to gradually reduce your intake of nicotine, instead of attempting to stop smoking suddenly. If you are unsure where to start, read our informative advice on how to gradually cut down on smoking.

Gradually Reduce Your Cigarettes

How many cigarettes do you smoke per day? Identify the number and aim to reduce the amount you smoke each day. For instance, if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day, only smoke 19 cigarettes for the first few days. Once those days have passed, reduce the number to 18 cigarettes, and repeat the process until you have quit smoking for good. It might be easier than you think.

Avoid Situations That Cause You to Smoke

Many people are often more tempted to pick up a cigarette due to various triggers or situations. For instance, you might enjoy a cigarette with alcohol, or it could calm you down during a stressful situation. To stop reaching for the pack of smokes, we recommend avoiding situations that will make you want to smoke. This will allow you to cut back on traditional cigarettes, instead of amplifying the number.

Consider a Vape Device

Millions of people across the world are turning to vape devices to cut back on their intake of nicotine. The innovative devices not only allow you to take control of your nicotine intake, but they also do not produce harmful smoke. Anyone hoping to cut down on smoking should, therefore, consider a starter kit from Mount Baker Vapor.

Save the Money on Cigarettes
Money can be a great motivational tool for reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke. For
instance, add all the money you have saved by not smoking into a jar, so you can watch the cash add up over time. You will realize how much money you were wasting on cigarettes every day, week, month and year, which could work as a great deterrent to cut down or quit once and for all. You can then use the money saved on a holiday, home improvement project or to treat yourself to a new wardrobe.

Ask for Support
Inform your loved ones that you plan to cut down on smoking. This will ensure you can report your numbers to a family member or friend each day or week, and they could get you back on track if you start enjoying one too many cigarettes. You could even ask a fellow smoker to cut down with you, so you can both support each other and enjoy some friendly competition.
Quitting traditional cigarettes can be difficult, especially if you plan to ditch the sticks overnight. It might, therefore, be wise to gradually decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke over time, which will reduce your addiction.

Have you successfully cut down on smoking? Tell us how you did so by sharing your story or tips in the comment section.
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