How to Make Your Home a Safer Place

Every home has hidden dangers that you may not realize exist until an accident or other mishap occurs. Many of the injuries sustained inside modern homes can be easily prevented, by taking some simple actions, and using your common sense. Below are some tips that will make your home a safer place for everyone

Prepare for the Most Common Types of Emergencies in the Home

Whether it's a cut finger or a more serious incident, it's essential to prepare as much as possible for the most common accidents and injuries that can occur. Ideally, you should take a first aid course and have plenty of first aid supplies available. Doing this will allow you to react quickly to most situations that could affect your health or the well-being of family members and guests.

Install Reliable Alarms in the Right Places

Smoke, carbon monoxide, and fire, are silent dangers that can have serious consequences for everyone living in a house or apartment. This is why it's crucial to install multiple heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide alarms in different areas of your home, including your kitchen, hallway, and beside the bedrooms in your home. The latest alarms can be integrated with smartphones and other mobile devices, which means you will be alerted immediately if any dangerous situations occur.

Avoid Dangerous Habits and Dangerous Routines

Certain habits may seem harmless, but they can lead to disaster. Examples include smoking inside your home, unattended open fires, keeping electrical products and appliances plugged in, lighting candles, and leaving dangerous items such as knives lying around. Every time you leave your home or leave a room in your home unattended, it's essential that you check for dangers such as lit candles.

Invest in Proper Storage Features and Storage Products

To ensure that any dangerous items or substances are kept out of reach of young hands, consider adding additional secure storage features. This can include storage items that can be securely locked or storage space that's located higher up and can't be opened by younger members of your family.

Avoid Slipping and Tripping

A high percentage of accidents that occur in a home are caused when people slip or trip. These are also problems that you can avoid by using common sense.
Decluttering your home, adding anti-slip surfaces on slick floors and in bathtubs, and keeping your home clean and tidy are all simple, yet effective ways to prevent a wide range of injuries from occurring. This is an ongoing exercise and you should include other family members in this process by explaining to them what can happen if a house is untidy.  Nobody likes tripping over backpacks or trombones!

Your home should be a safe and comfortable place to live in. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and a home can be a dangerous place to spend time in. However, if you take the precautions above and make the necessary changes, you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of the most common accidents occurring.

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  1. Such great tips and things many people do not think of until it is too late, only the other day I left a candle burning in the bathroom, no problem from leaving it burning but there could have been

    1. Last Christmas season we woke up one morning and one had been burning since the night before! It's scary! Everything was fine, but oh my!


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