My Business Has Been Robbed! What Now?

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Experiencing a break-in is a scary situation for anyone. Not just because someone has broken in to steal your belongings, but also because you’ll be questioning your own safety as well as your employees’ for a long time to come.

It’s a feeling one can’t seem to shake off, to begin with, and the road to recovery goes beyond simply replacing your lost items. It’s a matter of feeling safe in your office, and this article is here to get you started.

Here is a handful of the best safety advice out there, as well as the measures you should take immediately after a burglary. It makes it a bit easier to act quickly, stay calm, and regain a sense of control.

Call the police and the insurance company

The first one may seem obvious, but there’s more to calling the police than simply picking up the phone. Many business owners have made the situation worse for themselves by not only avoiding to file a report, in the first place, but also by touching stuff in the office which may destroy evidence.

It’s the kind of reckless behavior that makes the insurance claim so much more difficult and the police work a lot tougher.

Remember never to enter the building if you’re not there when you suspect a burglary. Maybe a neighbor called you up after noticing that someone went into the premises - or maybe you returned after a weekend, to find the front door unlocked.

Call the police straight away, nonetheless, and stay in your car until they arrive. You never know if the criminals are still inside.

Next, you’d want to give your insurance company a quick call. Make the call within twenty-four hours and ensure that you’ve given all the necessary information to the police first. They may want to send someone over to investigate, so you should have somewhere safe to stay in the meantime.

Come to terms with the break-in

After the formalities have been taken care of, you need to attend to your emotional needs. Many have experienced a sense of post-traumatic stress after having their belongings stolen, and the best solution is often to invest in proper business security systems. Go out of your way to train your employees to spot questionable behavior, and assess the premises to pinpoint its weak points.

If there are multiple entrances to the building, you may want to advise your team only to use one set of doors to eliminate the number of access points in the future. Talk to them about the experience as well and offer support to those who need it; you never know if one of them have had a similar experience with burglary in the past.

Preventative measures are the best ways to cope with the stress of experiencing a break-in, so make sure you notify your employees about all the new security features. It will make them feel a lot safer, and you’ll be able to relax a bit more, knowing that your business, as well as your team, are safe and sound.

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  1. I'm sure the psychological effects are really quite hard to deal with. That sense of invasion would definitely be hard to shake. Tips to move past it are def. a good idea to post!

    1. I would think the psychological effects would be hard to deal with. Would always feel so violated after that. Thank you for you kind comments!

  2. I have never been robbed and hope I never am, it would be a terrible experience and leave you feeling so

    1. Yes, I think it would be a terrible experience. Thank you for stopping by Jo-Anne.


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