Try These Ideas to Have a Fun Night In, Instead of Going Out

If you need a good time away from family life for a night, then try having a night in with a different feel rather than a night out. Night outs can be more trouble than they’re worth, what with the money you’ll have to fork out, the transportation issue, and being out on the town in the dark. Staying in offers alternatives to all of these things. So the kids are at a sleepover, and you’ve got the house to yourself for a while. It's time to have a good night in! Here’s a few ideas.


Save Your Money and Roll Out the Red Carpet

Feel like a movie star being welcomed to a premiere when you open the door. Buying a cheap red carpet off the web and laying it out in a hallway is a great way to welcome both yourself and any guests you’ve invited over for the night.

It can really bring out the creative side in you when it comes to making decorations. Sometimes it's the most fun and productive part of the evening. If you’re having a themed party and acting as the host, the costumes, masks and bunting aren’t going to hang themselves up!

Find Some Good Deals on Alcohol

When you head out to a bar or restaurant, you’re going to spend a lot of money on food and drinks. It’s like a gateway to losing your entire bank account in one night as you’re surrounded by people doing the same thing.

Try raiding the fridge instead and buying boxes of champagne to enjoy at home. A quick search through the web can lead you to a liquor store online. This way you’ll know exactly what’s in your drink, how much of it you have left, and you’ll only spend money on what you like.

Think of the party finger foods your kids have at their birthday parties and follow a similar vein for your own night in.

Play the Music You Want to Hear

Old jazzy tunes and new pop numbers aren’t for everyone. When you’re on a night out, or going to an event with the family, you can find yourself bored out of your skull because of these choices.

When you’re in the comfort of your own home, you can fire up the old record player if you have one. You can also create playlists based on your mood and work your way through a chill set whilst sipping a nice glass of rosé.

Music can relax us or fire us up. It can make the whole atmosphere of the night feel a lot better. It can even lead to a good dance party, where you can break your tango moves out on your husband again, or just go solo with some experimental pieces.

Having fun at home is severely underrated. Try it more often when you have a spare night, or incorporate your family into a good evening together. It de-stresses everyone involved, especially when food’s on offer!

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