What is Athleisure?

Athleisure is a blend word of athletic + leisure. It refers to a type of clothing fashion that is comfortable, versatile and breathable with a sporty look. Though athleisure is in demand with the millennial population, this trend is also fueled by busy people everywhere, who live hectic, on-the-go lives. This look is widely designed by fashion houses across the world and most all designers now have this type of fashion in their clothing lines.

This trend has grown in demand over the last seven years and there seems to be no stopping the popularity of it. Due to the versatile nature of its feel and appearance, one can go from gym to office or from office to their child's playground without the need to make changes to their wardrobe.

The Athleisure History

This form of fashion may have been popularized by the millennial crowd, but this current trend can be traced back to the early1990's. In the early 21st century, “active sportswear” was the term used for such clothing which included woven trousers, knit shirts, and pullover sweaters.

The initial appearance of this fashion on the scene was met with skepticism and scorn, and most fashion and business insiders dismissed it as a fad. In 2015, the Athleisure fashion trend grossed more than $43 billion. Today, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have large followings of this fashion trend, and there are thousands of accounts which are dedicated to modeling and advertising Athleisure wear.

This infographic provided by Shoe Carnival helps depict the projected growth in the trend.

athleisure infographic

To see the full infographic and learn more clickhere

The Lasting Power Of Athleisure

Is Athleisure the short-lived trend they thought it would be and now simply at its zenith? Not if it is remembered that it is the people who make trends and busy women all over the world are getting busier and in need of their fashion to fit their lifestyles. Active isn't a term used to describe a hobby anymore, it describes a lifestyle and need. Before Athleisure made its appearance on the runway, it made an appearance in the supermarket, on the playground, at the gym, in the cinema, at a parent-teacher conference, and a little league ball game.

As long as we live these busy lives, we will demand our clothing fit our needs. The selections and attractively designed clothing catering to Athleisure are vast and affordable. There is no “sweaty gym” look to this fashion, but classy, well-designed pieces to fit the needs of any busy life. Easy to wear, easy to maintain, pleasurable to the purse and the budget, Athleisure will be sticking around for quite some time.

Be honest!  Do you have any athleisure in your closet?  I have my capri leggings and hoodie on right now!  

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