5 Tips for Traveling with Babies During the Holidays

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Traveling with a baby is easy if you know how to prepare. Make sure you have all essential supplies, including a travel baby monitor and various baby feeding products. Use these tips to make traveling during the holidays a little less stressful for yourself.
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1. Pick Less Hectic Times to Travel

If you want to fly somewhere for Thanksgiving, then make sure you do not leave on Thanksgiving Day or the day directly before. Pick days and times when less people will be at the airport.  You will have enough on your plate traveling with a baby, so do not allow a ton of other people to make you feel more anxious.  Luckily, most airlines will let parents traveling with small children board the plane first to give you time to break down strollers and get all of your diaper bags, etc. situated. 

2. Pack Well in Advance

You do not want to be packing supplies an hour before your flight leaves. Give yourself plenty of time to pack more diapers than you think you will need and plenty of clothes. Do not forget toys for your youngster!  

3. Do Not Give Kids Aisle Seats

A toddler could accidentally bump into a cart when near the aisle (or constantly throw their binky into the aisle). Give your toddler the window seat. Additionally, always buy children less than two years of age their own seat. It is for their own safety and for your comfort.  There is nothing like getting stuck on the tarmac for 2 hours trying to keep an antsy baby or toddler busy in your lap if there is something mechanical wrong with the plane. It's nice to have that extra space while waiting.  Luckily, it doesn't happen that often, but it does happen and it can make for a long time with a baby on your lap in a narrow amount of space.

4. Have Plenty of Snacks

Béaba Formula and Snack Container - PeacockWith baby food storage containers, you do not have to deviate too much from your baby’s normal meals. However, have plenty of special snacks on-hand just in case. You are on vacation, so you may want to let your baby indulge a little bit.  Plus, it's good to have something to munch on while the plane is landing to help with pressure on tiny ears.  Make sure to have snacks or a bottle or prepare to breastfeed for part of the descent. 

5. Show Appreciation to Staff

Maintain your composure when flying, and show your appreciation to cabin crew members if your baby gets a little rowdy. These people work long hours, and a simple “Thank you” goes a long way.

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