Book Review: The Master's Mind | The Art of Reshaping Your Thoughts

I received this book for free from the publisher to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.
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The Master's Mind: The Art of Reshaping Your Thoughts by Lance Hahn, I will probably use as a reference book.  I have several pages marked that I wanted to come back to and re-read.

The first sentence of the introduction states:
"What we think and believe determines who we are."

And the book ends with "Today is the day we master our minds."

In between those two sentences are 11 chapters:

1: The One Thing
2: Identity Theft
3: The Father of Lies
4: Temptation Island Desert
5: Arming the Resistance
6: Making Monsters
7: Hostile Takeover
8: The Land of Make-Believe
9: All Hail the King
10: Replacement Therapy
11: Who's the Boss?

For me, the book began kind of slow.  Truthfully, I think this is a book I need to re-read to be able to get the full understanding of it.  You know how sometimes it takes a couple times for something to sink in?  Just like studying for a test, you usually need to read the important stuff several times before it sinks in and you can commit it to memory and really start to understand it.  For me, that's what this book was like.

I remember feeling that around page 69, it finally really caught my attention.
  Page 69 is in chapter 4: Temptation Desert.  Once the book started talking about how Jesus was tempted in life and able to overcome it, it started clicking more for me.

Lance begins by telling us the one thing that affects our whole life is our mind.  Everything begins in our mind, whether it's good or bad.  And basically, he hints to something that I've heard before ~~ garbage in = garbage out.  Be careful what you allow your mind to think and believe.  Be careful of what inputs you allow.

The first chapter ends with a sort of call to action: You have to decide that you want to change.  I think we all know that nothing in our lives can ever be accomplished unless we make the decision to do it.   We have to want to align our thoughts and identities with God in order to have The Master's Mind.

Lance goes on to tell which things work against us to distract us and keep us away from what God really wants for us. Then, he discusses why God allows temptation, and the difference between temptation and trials.

One passage from this chapter that stands out to me is this:
"Obedience results in power.  When we emerge from a trial successfully, not only is God glorified, but also we are strengthened in confidence and in the certainty of God's will for our lives. The Holy Spirit comes in and fills that empty spot (where we empty ourselves of our pride, our needs, our cravings, or our agendas) with Himself and we are empowered even more. God brings trials to our life for this outcome."

Lance then moves on to talk about the tools that God has given us to overcome our trials and temptations.  Then, in chapter 6 he tells the differences between interest, temptation, desire, compulsion and addiction with a parable about a fuzzy little wampet that becomes a monster. He also states why it's important for our minds to be "healthy" and connected to the Lord through studying the Bible, "getting wise counsel" and spending time in prayer.   The things talked about in this book are not meant to be a "quick fix." They are meant to be worked on minute by minute, day by day.

The five main issues that Lance describes that we can bring under control (by reshaping our thoughts to the Master's Mind) are: depression, anger, anxiety, idolatry and addiction.

One of my favorite sentences in this chapter is this:
"It's a matter of focusing on the Lord's power and less on the world's problems."
It's a perfect sentence for me, because I tend to be a worrier.

I think it's important to note that Lance is not saying to "wish for it and it will be true."  He definitely repeatedly says that it will take work and he also doesn't shun getting professional help when you need it.  That would be part of the process.

One main thing that I have taken away from this book and that made an impression on me is that I am not my own.  I belong to God. He created me and He redeemed me. As Lance says in Ch. 9:
"Jesus bought it. Jesus owns it."  That includes my mind and body, but especially my mind.

The last chapters focus on HOW we can align our minds with the Master's.  He states that it's important about what we put into our minds, instead of just what we take out (anger, bitterness, addictions, etc.).  We should pattern our life and what we "add" into our minds based on the life Jesus led and the things that he did.

The most important takeaway for me is that we are not alone. God is within us already in the form of the Holy Spirit.  We need to get rid of the "junk" that is distancing us from Him and fill the voids that are left with the ways of the Lord.  It won't be a quick fix and sometimes it won't be easy, but God will always make a way.

I will definitely keep this book, re-read it and make notes of the things that I want to remember.

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