Creating a Stylish Home Office

Working from home offers many people the chance to work around their family commitments or start up their own business without having to worry about the costs of hiring a business premises. It can be the perfect solution and is a lifesaver for many families.

When you work at home, it’s important that you have a dedicated office space. A home office gives you a place to work in private, away from the distractions of family life. This can make it easier to focus and keep everything organized as well as making it easier to separate your work and home life and find the right balance between the two.

When people hear the word “office”, they often picture dull, boring spaces, lacking in personality and style. But, if your office is in your home, this isn’t what you want. Instead, you want to add plenty of your own taste and make sure it’s a room or space that fits in with the rest of your home. Here are some great tips to help you do just that.

White Space

Keep your walls light colors, such as white or pale blue to promote a calming atmosphere and get you into a productive mood. Plenty of white space will help you to stay focused and alert, even after a long day working.


One problem home offices can face is a lack of heat source. If you are adding your office to the box room in your house, you may find there is no radiator. Warm rooms have plenty of options for smaller spaces. The last thing you want is to be stuck working in a cold room come the Winter time.


Next on the list is light. Make sure you’ve got a good desk lamp for when you need to work late at night, as well as a natural light source if possible.


An office doesn’t have to be boring. Add some decorations in the form of soft furnishings, artwork, ornaments and colorful shelving. The walls should be white, but you can add color and fun with your accessories and stationery.


The storage you choose will largely depend on the space you have available. If you are trying to fit everything in a small area, you may want to consider wall-mounted shelves above your desk and a cabinet underneath.


If you are going to be spending long periods of time in your home office it’s essential that it’s comfortable above all else. Invest in a good, supportive chair, make sure your desk is at the right height and that your screen is at eye level.

Finishing Touches

To add the last finishing touches that make your office your own, think about things that make you happy. Add photos of your family, pictures your children have drawn and an emergency snack supply.

When planning your home office, it’s important to consider what you need from it. Do you need lots of storage? A safe place for important files? Make a list of everything you need and want, then start ticking them off. 

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